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Magistrates upgrade their qualifications at BelSU

The Center for Mediation and Legal Technologies of Belgorod State University completed courses for representatives of the body of magistrates from seven Belgorod region districts

The program of the course The Administration of Justice by Magistrates in Russian Federation was held within the cooperation with the Department for Organizational Support of the Activities of Belgorod region Magistrates. Sergey Rubanov, Director of BelSU Institute of Law Centre for Mediation and Legal Technologies, Maxim Zinkovsky, the Associate Professor of the Institute of Law Department of Civil Law and Process and Evgeny Ignatenko, the Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law and process of Institute of Law are the authors of the program.

We are constantly improving the program and using individual approach to each trainee group. We are aimed to improve the magistrates qualifications and make the course accessible and interesting to learn as well, said the organizers of the course.

In 2021 the group of trainee magistrates included 12 magistrates from Belgorod, Valuyki, Volokonovka, Ivnya, Krasnaya Yaruga, Rakitnoe and Stary Oskol districts. Trainees had been mastering the program during a week course. Such time period provided the opportunity to successfully obtain the certification and get the certificates of advanced training.

Belgorod region court magistrates were invited to teach the trainees, which allowed them to get the maximum amount of both theoretical knowledge and practical advice.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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