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The Education Export Program will get a new impetus for development

Prospects for cooperation with the leading foreign and Russian universities as part of the strategic programme of Belgorod State University were discussed at a conference of BelSU Academic Board

Speaking about implementation of the Education Export Program for 2021-2024 the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Vladislav Kuchmisty focused on the admission campaign for academic year 2021-2022 which reflected the coordinated actions of all structural units involved from the Preparatory Department and Admission Committee to the Centre for International Educational Programs and the Institute of Ambassadors.

Speaking about the Action Plan for the upcoming international enrollment campaign, Vladislav Kuchmisty proposed to search for the possibility of providing a 3-4 year residency program for the students coming from the countries where the relevant diploma is recognized, in the view of the demand for specific medical fields of study.

Special attention was paid to the development of joint education programs (JEPs) with partner universities in the epidemiological conditions caused by COVID-19.

As a result of the discussion, Oleg Polukhin, the Rector of Belgorod State University assigned to develop a project on network cooperation aimed at extending a number of joint educational programs with partner universities which will correspond to the development strategy of Belgorod State University in the context of Priority-2030 Academic Leadership Programme.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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