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The Laboratory for Human Diseases Modelling and Gene Therapy has been established at Belgorod State University

The laboratory and two new educational program have been launched as part of the project on genetic modelling and gene therapy technology at Belgorod University supported by the state grant

The decision to establish the new laboratory was approved by the universitys Academic Board. The new unit in the structure of the Research Institute of Pharmacology of Living Systems will be headed by the grant project supervisor, Professor Vladimir Bukhman from Cardiff University (UK).

As noted by Nikolay Repnikov, the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation at Belgorod State University, the laboratory will focus on the research in the context of the Federal Science and Technology Programme for Genetic Technologies Development.

An important part of the genetic technology development programme consists in providing new educational programs. The first two programs planned to be implemented by the Doctoral School were approved at the general conference of BelSU Scientific Council. The Head of the Molecular Biology Program will be Natalia Ninkina, Doctor of Medicine, and the Pathological Anatomy Program will be supervised by Tatiana Pavlova, Doctor of Medicine.

In addition, the educational programme on Molecular Biology for senior students will be developed and approved this year, and the following year the university will launch a programme to train doctors-geneticists for the medical residency.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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