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International students of Belgorod State University are acquainted with Russian culture

Two excursion and educational events for international students of Belgorod State University were organized in cooperation with the Gubkin Diocese

BelSU international students continue learning Russian culture and history. Guided by their curator Andrey Uryvsky and tutors of Preparatory Department a group of international students visited the Centre for Traditional Culture and Crafts in Kupino village, Shebekino District where they learned about folk crafts of our region in XVIII-XX centuries, attended master-classes and tasted Kupino porridge.

International students who choose Russian philology, linguistics, international relations as their future profession, visited Spasskoye-Lutovinovo the museum-estate of the renowned Russian writer Ivan Turgenev, and the United Literary Museum in Orel.

The visit was preceded by the work of the curators Olga Lyutova, Svetlana Funikova and Anastasia Strzhalkovskaya who acquainted the students with the literary heritage of Ivan Turgenev. They conducted a class on the writers life and a Russian Cinema session including demonstration of the film versions of the authors works.

It should be noted that the informative excursions were organized by Belgorod State University in collaboration with Transfiguration Spiritual and Educational Centre of the Gubkin Diocese. The curators of the student groups accentuated the fact that the excursion and educational trips, as well as other educational activities, will be continued.



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