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BelSU scientific projects are prize-winners at the international exhibition in India

Gold and silver medals were awarded to the inventions developed in the framework of the World-Class REC Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business

The International Exhibition of Innovations and Inventions INEX-2021 in India brought together scientific teams from 30 countries who presented about 500 innovations. The large-scale scientific event was held at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (VNRVJIET) in Hyderabad, India. Belgorod State University participated in the exhibition as part of the Russian exposition.

The gold medal was awarded to the development of scientists from Belgorod State University headed by Alexander Vezentsev, Professor of General Chemistry at the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology. The researchers presented a technology for processing organic agricultural waste into adsorbents and soils to fill waste landfill deposits. According to the scientists, the technology is aimed at producing a high-quality adsorbent.

The silver medal was awarded to the project by a research team headed by Ivan Nikulin, the Director of BelSU Engineering Centre. The scientists proposed a technology for recycling industrial gypsum-containing waste to be further utilized for production of organomineral fertilizers and G5 gypsum for construction industry.

Commenting on the achieved results, the researchers pointed out that during the field trials on an area of 80 hectares they registered the crop yield increase by 10-25%. The most receptive crop was soybean that proved the yield increased by 5 quintals per hectare after introduction of organomineral fertilizer into the soil.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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