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The results of The Best Student of the Year competition are announced

Nine BelSU students were among the winners of the regional competition by Generation Foundation

Over 130 students from different regional educational institutions participated in the annual competition The Best Student of the Year which was organized by Generation Foundation initiated by Andrey Skoch in 2002. The title of the Best Student was awarded to 30 young people who achieved significant results in studies, science, social, creative and sports activities. The students of Belgorod State University were among the best in the most nominations.

The first-order scholarship winners were Anastasia Krotova from the Institute of Engineering and Digital Technology (Academic Performance nomination), Vyacheslav Chuev from Engineering College (Sports Performance nomination), Alina Shirina from Pedagogical Institute (Culture, Arts, Music Art nomination), Dmitry Balanchukov from the Institute for Intercultural Communication and International Relations (Pedagogical Innovation nomination), Konstantin Osipov, a student from the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology (Natural Sciences and Medicine nominaion), Paraskeva Deryabina, a student from the Medical College of Medical Institute (Secondary Professional Education niomination) and Vladislav Dubrova, a student from Medical Institute (Social Project nomination).

Among the second-order scholarship holders were Evgeniy Patrakhanov, a student of Medical Institute (Natural Sciences, Medicine nomination) and Konstantin Kakhtur, a student of Medical College of Medical Institute (Overcoming nomination for students with disabilities).

The awards ceremony will be dedicated and take place on A Students Day. The first-order scholarship holders will receive a monthly payment of 20,000 roubles, and those receiving the second order scholarship will receive 15,000 roubles.



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