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Current issues of state and law transformations in Russia were discussed at BelSU

The academic and research conference dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the outstanding statesman, reformer and scientist M.M. Speransky brought together over 300 participants from various regions of Russia and neighbouring countries

The venue for the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference Current Issues of State and Law Transformations in Russia: History and Modernity became the hall of Dissertation Council of Belgorod State University. The event was held in a mixed format and was attended by representatives of public authorities, leading Russian scientists, including two Corresponding Members of RAS and 67 Doctors of Sciences, professors and students from 51 regions of Russia, Republic of Belarus, Moldova and the DPR.

Professor Evgeny Tonkov, the Director of the Institute of Law, who moderated the conference, welcomed the audience. On behalf of the Rector of Belgorod State University, Oleg Polukhin, the participants were welcomed by Andrey Peresypkin, the Vice-Rector for Strategic Programmes.

The representatives of the academic community and students discussed the role of M.M. Speransky in the history of Russian jurisprudence, contemporary political and legal issues of the Russian state, general theoretical, historical and legal issues of the state and law transformations in Russia, legal aspects of interaction between government and civil society.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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