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BelSU scientists shared their experience in lilac study and popularization

Outstanding researchers of the lilac community, modern lilac breeders and collections were among the main topics focused at the international scientific and practical conference held at Peter the Great Botanical Garden

The VI International Scientific and Practical Conference Syringa L.: Collections, Cultivation, Use. Outstanding Names of the Lilacs Community. involving specialists from New Zealand, Canada, USA, China, Japan, the Ukraine and Russia was held via videoconferencing at the Botanical Garden of V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute in St. Petersburg.

Among the conference speakers were Tatyana Polyakova, the Vice-President of International Lilac Society for Russia and Asian countries, scientists of Russian Lilac Breeding Creative Group Sergey Aladin, Olga Aladina and Anastasia Aladina (Russia, Moscow), Milada-Dzevitskaya (Canada, Vancouver) and other researchers.

The Head of the Plant Genetics and Breeding Laboratory of BelSU Botanical Garden Mikhail Tretyakov presented the report Forgotten Names of Scientists Who Contributed to the Lilac Species Taxonomy. He noted that it is customary to indicate an author's initials when describing species, but very often the names of scientists (eponyms) are ignored when publishing the Latin names of plants.

The roundtable summing up the conference enabled the scientists to discuss the lilac popularization tools including festivals and the use of lilac in cultural traditions as well as a number of other relevant topics.

The researchers of the Botanical Garden of Belgorod State University also shared their experience on the issues discussed. In 2021 they received the top Presidents Award of International Lilac Society. This prestigious award was given to Botanical Garden for establishing a breeding centre and successful implementation of the Belgorod Lilac project.



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