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International students of Belgorod State University improve legal awareness

Students of Latin America and Caribbean Community participated in the Information Hour dedicated to the Russian law stipulating the international students residence in the country

The event was organized and conducted by Roman Shilishpanov, the Head of the Center of Religious Studies and Extremism Prevention, Ekaterina Suprunenko, the Head of Registration, Accommodation and Visa Support Department and Olga Lyutova, the curator of Latin American and Caribbean Students Community.

The Information hour was held via videoconference and brought together both international students staying in Belgorod and those who have not been able to come to Russia yet. International students learnt about the opportunities provided by the Russian visa and some restriction referred to foreign citizen coming to Russia for study. BelSU representatives answered the questions concerning the reasons that may reduce the period of stay in Russia and deportation.

The organizers covered the students questions related to behaviour in specific situations, certain actions as interpreted by the norms of the Russian legislation. The speakers were attentive to the students condition in the current situation providing them with the contacts of the universitys Psychological Service and the services to which they should turn to in case of any illegal actions.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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