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Meet BelSU Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation

85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education
Belgorod State University

Phone: +7 4722 301080

Nikolai I. Repnikov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation
Nikolai I. Repnikov,
Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation

I am pleased to welcome you on the official site of Belgorod State University.

I would encourage you to visit our site and to find information on top priorities in research, coordinated by BelSU Science and Education Office and approved by Rector, as well as on scientific centres, laboratories, leading scientists of our University, and their current research and scientific work.

Scientific activity is one of priorities of the University. BelSU has established a vibrant and strong scientific community, which possesses a potential to considerably contribute to development of modern science and technology. Research at BelSU is conducted within established research areas and in research centres and laboratories on and outside the University campus. Establishing new scientific centres and laboratories proves that BelSU has already reached a certain maturity level, and never stops its effort to follow latest scientific trends, discoveries, and developments.

BelSU scientists work on solving numerous issues of pressing importance: from innovative methods of human body research and examination of nano-structure materials to creating biologically active substances and problems of discourse and cognition.

Owing to the steadiness of development established over recent years, BelSU now can set new ambitious strategic goals and invites research teams from Russian and abroad educational and scientific institutions.

Research at BelSU is focused on realisation of its scientific and innovative potential, conducting a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied research, and on development of innovative belt of Russian economy.

As a national research university, BelSU effectively integrates teaching process with scientific research. We keep track on the latest international trends in science and innovation, develop and expand our academic programmes, support cross-disciplinary research projects, and constantly work on commercialization and increasing earnings from their findings and developments.

BelSU highly appreciates its Russian and international partners from the spheres of business and production, and is always open to establishing and developing new cooperation in science and education.

I hope you will enjoy the rewarding experience of studying at and working with Belgorod State University.

Kindest regards,
Nikolai I. Repnikov,
phone: +7 (4722) 30-10-23,
E-mail: ViceRectorScience@bsu.edu.ru

Information was given on 18.03.2021
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