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About research at BelSU

85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education
Belgorod State University

Phone: +7 4722 301080

Belgorod State University is the Belgorod regions leading institution of higher education. Today BelSU is a state-of-art university complex, which can adjust to changes in modern social, economic and political life, and plays an active integrational role in regional, federal and global scientific and educational space.

Over 5000 specialists for social, production and economical spheres of the region and whole country, graduate Belgorod State University annually. The scale of the educational services market is represented by the cohort of BelSU students, originating from all the 85 regions of Russia, and 84 countries of the world.

In Belgorod State University, research of numerous scientific areas is conducted through efforts of research groups, headed by scientists among which are Members of Russian Academy of Sciences, and laureates of state scientific prizes. Research scientific activities are performed in academic and research units, including collective use centres, scientific research laboratories, scientific research centres, and teaching and research centres.

Owing to a collaborative research effort aimed at the sphere of Natural Sciences, BelSU managed to create and develop a modern material base, which allows conducting unique research and tests, obtaining world-level results, carrying out large-scale works of national standing in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Geography, Geology, Mineralogy, and Engineering. A wide range of Humanities and Social Sciences are also presented in BelSU, including Teaching Science, Philology, Jurisprudence, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, History and Culture Studies.

The Universitys scientific activities are actively lead forward by its science and research subdivisions, comprising scientific and educational centres, scientific centres, scientific and research laboratories, and centres for collective use. About half of them carry on their activities within the frameworks of three top-priority research and development areas:

  • Knowledge-intensive technologies for creating and processing industrial-use nano-materials;
  • Nano-technologies and nano-materials for Biology, Medicine, and Pharmacy;
  • Space, Geo-Informational and Information-Telecommunication technologies for effective territories sustainable development management.

In BelSU, much attention is given to formation of Universitys efficient business ecosystem, regarded as a system of conditions to provide successful development of smaller knowledge-intensive innovative businesses within the Belgorod State Universitys innovative belt. Among such conditions are carrying out scientific research with regard to actual demands of real economy and certain economic entities, building up business teams responsible for commercialization of research and development results and BelSU scientific activities and innovative chain: from generation of commercially attractive scientific concept to its embodiment into a certain innovative product.

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