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University invites research teams

85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education
Belgorod State National Research University
(The National Research University Belgorod State University / BelSU)

Phone: +7 4722 30-12-11,
Fax: +7 4722 30-10-12

Belgorod State University offers opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration to groups of researchers from Russian and foreign scientific and educational establishments

Dear Colleagues,

Founded in 1876, Belgorod State National Research University is the leading University of Belgorod region. Pursuant to Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 812-r dated May 20, 2010 the University was included in the list of Higher education institutions granted the National Research University status.

Since June, 2010 Belgorod State National Research University is a member of the Association of Leading Russian Universities which now unites 44 best universities of Russia.

In Belgorod State University, research of 54 scientific areas is conducted through efforts of research groups. Research scientific activities are performed in 55 Academic and Research Units, including 2 shared services centers (centers for collective use), 23 scientific research laboratories, and 30 scientific research centers and teaching and research centers.

This concentration of effort and resources on natural sciences research allowed the University to create and develop within a very short time a state-of-art, ample infrastructure which allows to perform unique experiments, to gain results up to world standard, and to do large-scale researches of national standing in the spheres of Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Geography, Geology and Mineralogy, and Technological Sciences.

The Ministry of Education and Science has introduced the Program of Development of Belgorod State National Research University for 2010-2019. In furtherance of the Program, the University sets a clear direction for priority research in three areas:

  1. modern high technologies for creating and synthesizing industrial-use nanomaterials,
  2. nanotechnology and nanomaterials for Biology, Medicine, and Pharmacy,
  3. space, geo-information and information and communications technology for efficient management of sustainable social and economic development of territories.

Belgorod State National Research University is recruiting groups of researchers headed by progressive scientists in natural, physical, mathematical and technical sciences from Russian and foreign scientific and educational establishments.

Job offers for Mining and Geology experts

Owing to the steadiness of development established over recent years, Belgorod State National Research University has an opportunity to set strategic goals, one of which is developing Mining and the Higher mining education on the basis of the University. The pressing importance of this goal is explained by increasingly important role of Mining in reinforcing of industrial capacity of the Russian Federation and the Belgorod region.

Mineral resources, in many respects, determine and define modern regional economics. Over 200 deposits of commercial deposits have been developed in the territory of the Belgorod region, and mining and construction material industries are well-advanced on their basis. The regions majors of subsoil use are Lebedinsky GOK and Stoilensky GOK (mining and processing enterprises using open-pit mining technique), and Kombinat KMARuda (applying underground mining method). Production of salable iron ore in Belgorod region supplies over 40% of iron-ore raw materials consumption in the Russian Federation.

Russia and the Belgorod regions improved performance in global minerals turnover puts on the agenda the issues of creating and developing a competitive mining and processing industry. The prospects of successful settlement of this problem are to great extent determined by the level of mining segment development. For this purpose, within the framework of the Development Program for 2010-2019, it is considered that Belgorod State National Research University will continue unfolding promising research areas within Mining and Geology branches of knowledge, further improvement in mining engineers training, upgrading and developing new scientific and educational schools in accordance with the goals set, creating educational and laboratory facilities with state-of-art and high-technology equipment on the basis of the Faculty of Mining and Natural Resource Management.

Working & living environment

BelSU provides researches with state-of-the-art academic and laboratory equipment and research facilities competitive to leading Russian and European universities.

Our research laboratory equipment allows taking challenges like:

  • doing large-scale scientific and applied research at the federal level,
  • carrying out fine physical experiments resulting in significant scientific developments,
  • designing and producing medical equipment and devices which meet international standards.

Thus Belgorod State National Research University provides an excellent working environment and offers a wide range of services to help the research and teaching specialists willing to start their careers at the BelSU Faculty of Mining and Natural Resource Management deal with all aspects of the life with us, i.e. accommodation, computing, healthcare, sport, and welfare.

Heads of research groups are provided with:

  • high salary (the salary is to be set after the interview);
  • accommodation;
  • fully-equipped research laboratory.

Research group members are provided with:

the holders of Doctor of Science degrees (or equivalent):

  • high salary;
  • intra-university grants;
  • individual accommodation.

the holders of Candidate of Science degrees (or equivalent):

  • organizational and financial support for defending a doctoral thesis;
  • intra-university grants for research on the doctoral thesis;
  • individual accommodation after the defense of the doctoral thesis.

To be hired as a group of scientists you will need to meet our general requirements. Your application and research proposal will be reviewed and then considered at the University Expert Council which will decide whether your application should receive an offer for a place to perform a research at Belgorod State National Research University.

Application Requirements

  • top-priority research areas are Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Geography, Mining and Geology, Pharmacy;
  • the group should have research backup and be enthusiastic for successive foundation and development of a scientific school on the basis of Belgorod State National Research University;

List of Documents to be submitted along with Research Proposal

  • The title of the research area and a brief overview describing the research area in general, and a summary of previous researches and conclusions.
  • Information about the research group members (Full name, age, degree, academic rank, list of awards and honors).
  • A summary of your proposed research and introduction of anticipated results.
  • List of papers published by members of the research group, presenting results of previously undertaken research(es).
  • Information about the grants the group has ever won or applied for (copies of backup documents).
  • Prospects of developing the research area.

Submit the requested and supporting documents to:

85 Pobedy St., Office 2-4
Belgorod 308015

E-mail: Rector@bsu.edu.ru
fax: +7 (4722) 30-12-13

E-mail: ViceRectorScience@bsu.edu.ru
fax: +7 (4722) 30-10-24

Web-site of Belgorod State National Research University: www.bsu.edu.ru

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