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Faculty of Preschool, Primary and Special education

Address: Room 285, Building 3, 14 Studencheskaya Street, 308007, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301840
Dean - Vera V. Demicheva
candidate of philology, associate professor
e-mail: Demicheva@bsu.edu.ru
Institute of Pedagogy

I. Educational activities

1.1. List of curricula

  • 44.03.01 Pedagogical education (bachelor programs in Fine arts, Primary education, Preschool education (academic and applied bachelor program));
  • 44.03.05 Pedagogical education (bachelor programs in Primary education and informatics; Primary education and foreign language; Fine arts and world art culture); since September, 2017, bachelor program in Preschool and primary education has been started);
  • 44.03.03 Special (Defectologic) Education (bachelor program in Speech therapy);
  • 44.04.01 Pedagogical education (master programs in Extracurricular activities at primary school, Theory and methodology of primary language education, Management of preschool education). In 2017, supported by V. Potanins Charity Fund, master program in Methodological support of arts curricula was started;
  • 44.04.03 Special (Defectologic) Education (master program in Complex support of education for persons with speech impairments).

1.2. Faculty and staff

There are 2 departments at the Faculty:

  • Department of Theory, Pedagogics and Methodology of Primary Education and Fine Arts
    head of the department .V. Jakovleva, candidate of Pedagogy, associate professor).
    The department has 3 PhD, professors, 16 candidates of sciences;

  • The Department of Theory, Pedagogic and Methodology of Primary Education and Fine Arts at the Faculty of Preschool, Primary and Special Education, Pedagogical Institute of BSU

  • Department of Preschool and Special (Defectologic) Education
    head of the department K.E. Panasenko, candidate of Psychology, associate professor.
    The department has 1 PhD, professor, 10 candidates of sciences, assistant professors, 3 senior lecturers.

  • The Department of Preschool and Special (Defectological) Education at the Faculty of Preschool, Primary and Special education, Pedagogical Institute of BSU


2.1. Scholar schools

  • Physical education in elementary, secondary and higher school (since 2014, leading scholar L.N. Voloshina, PhD in Pedagogy);
  • Adaptive modeling of living and non-living systems (leading scholar L.K. Buslovskaya, PhD in Biology);

2.2. Leading scholars

  • Lyudmila K. Buslovskaya, PhD in Biology, professor;
  • Lyudmila N. Voloshina, PhD in Pedagogic, professor;
  • Valeriy A. Cherkasov, PhD in Philology, professor;

2.3. Key research results

Faculty teachers publish annually in the scientific and methodological journals from the lists of HAC, RISC, Scopus, participate in State Classifier of Scientific and Technical Information contests, and organize conferences at various levels.

Faculty scholars actively participate in updating the content and technology of primary, preschool and special education. Professor L.N. Voloshina is the head of the RAE Federal experimental grounds. Author's program of physical education for preschool institutions Play for your health! is recommended to use by the federal center of expertise, media and communications of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, it has been successfully used in preschool education. It was her initiative to create the Kindergar-ten of Belogorie, a regional socio-pedagogical association of innovative preschools. The innovation project Socialization and individualization of preschool children in the context of the variable system of physical edu-cation, developed by Professor Voloshina, was examined at the Russian Academy of Education in August 2018. According to the Resolution of the Expert Council the project received an accreditation certificate and the status of the innovative site of the Russian Academy of Education.

Professor L.K. Buslovskaya successfully guides the research work in adaptive modeling of living and non-living systems. At present, the experimental part of the work is accomplished, and the results are published in journals RISC and Scopus journals. Under the supervision of L.K. Buslovskaya, 6 candidate dissertations were defended.

Professor. V.A. Cherkasov is actively involved in scientific work. His interests vary from the life and work of V. Nabokov and V.F. Khodasevich to the history of Russian literature abroad and theory of biography in general. He is the author of 3 monographs, over 30 methodological works, more than 60 scientific papers; 8 of them have been published in Scopus and Web of Science journals, 16 in HAC and RISC journals.

III. The Faculty's achievements in scholar, educational and methodological activities

Faculty Pride is its alumni, including PhDs, Honored teachers and workers of education of the Russian Federation, school principals, heads of preschool educational institutions, winners of the teacher contests. Faculty alumni successfully manage regional and municipal educational departments, they are employed by municipal and regional departments of education, culture and social protection.

V.V. Demicheva, candidate of philology, associate professor, who was among the first graduating class of the Faculty in 1980 is now the dean of the Faculty. Under her leadership, the Faculty has become one of the best in the Pedagogical Institute. Currently, the faculty has 25 teachers who had graduated it.

Among the alumni:

  • E.G. Petrenko, the principal of the lyceum 9 of Belgorod, PhD;
  • I.V. Lazarev, the Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Belgorod region;
  • O.A. Shatalov, the Principal of Regional State Independent Professional Educational Institution Belgorod Industrial College;
  • A.N. Shibayev, the Head of Education Resource Management Department in Shebekino district, the winner of the Teacher of the Year contest and of the presidential grant;
  • T.A. Berezka, the Deputy head of the administration management of Belgorod, head of the Department of preschool education, Honors in public education;
  • E.N. Demchenko, the Head of the Orthodox kindergarten Pokrovsky, the Honored worker of education of the Russian Federation, III degree St. Joasaph Medalist of the Russian Orthodox Church;
  • O.A. Belyak, Teacher-therapist at Belgorod Orphanage specialized for children with organic lesions of the central nervous system with mental disorders, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Preschool and Special (Defectologic) Education, the winner of the city professional skill competition Teacher Service of psychological and pedagogical support, 2014.

Information was given by N.Tsybulya 27.11.2018

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