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Institute of Pedagogy

Address: Room 274, Building 4, 14 Studencheskaya Street, 308007, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301280
Director Victoria B. Tarabaeva


  • Institute Director Victoria B. Tarabayeva, phone +7 4722 301280;
  • Associate director for scientific and international activity Ivan T. Shatokhin, phone +7 4722 301854;
  • Associate director for studies and educational work Olesya M. Khoreva, phone +7 4722 301823;
  • Associate director for coordination of activities with educational establishments Nina I. Patokina, phone +7 4722 301300 * 2828

The Administration of the Pedagogical Institute of BSU


Institute today

Pedagogical institute of the National Research University "BELGU" is formed 01.09.2013, since 01.09.2014 the faculty of psychology has been a part of Pedagogical institute.

The main task of Pedagogical Institute is training of qualified specialists, bachelors and masters for implementation of professional and pedagogical activity according to modern requirements of the society and tendencies of development of an education system of the country and region.

Skilled graduates of Pedagogical Institute are intended to take the leading teachers positions in the establishments of the general and additional education, be capable of creation and organization of alternative forms of preschool, primary and secondary school education and be ready to solve problems of these education levels in the region.

Graduates of Pedagogical Institute are urged to solve effectively any professional problems, to conform to the high standard of preparation of Pedagogical Institute of Belgorod State National Research University and requirements of the branch, corresponding to profession inquiries.

Vocational training of students is carried out according to the European standards of continuous three-level higher education: bachelors programme, Master's Studies Department, postgraduate study. The number of students is about 5150.

The curricula for full-time students are 4 and 5 years, for part-time students 5 and 6 years. Post-graduate courses take 2 2,5 years.

Department of pedagogic

Office: Studentcheskaya St.14, building 1, 2nd floor, room 212
phone:+7 4722 301870
Chair, PhD, professor Nalaliya L. Shehovskaya
-mail: shehovskaya@bsu.edu.ru

The department of pedagogic was established as a standalone unit at Belgorod teachers training institute in 1940 and has been training both pedagogical and non-pedagogical programs ever since.

Currently, the department has 7 PhD, 12 candidates of sciences, and 3 assisting lecturers.

In 2016, a Mastter degree program was started with specialization in 44.04.01 Pedagogical education, Management in education.

The department develops the following research trends:

  • Professional and pedagogical culture (PhD, professor I.F. Isayev);
  • Social and environmental education (PhD, professor V.S. Shilov);
  • Social and professional personal self-determination (PhD, professor V.N. Kormakova);
  • Development of students research potentials (PhD, Associate Professor G.V. Makotrova);
  • Educational space in the region as a condition for social and pedagogical protection of children (PhD, associate professor V.L. Kholod).

The Department of Pedagogic at the Pedagogical Institute of BSU

Information was given by O.Khoreva 23.01.2017

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