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Institute of Pedagogy

Address: Room 274, Building 4, 14 Studencheskaya Street, 308007, Belgorod, Russia
tel: +7 4722 301280
Director Victoria B. Tarabaeva


Institute Director Victoria B. Tarabayeva, tel. (4722) 301280;

Associate Director for Scientific and International Activity Ivan T. Shatokhin, tel. +7 4722 301854;

Associate Director for Studies and Educational Work Olesya M. Khoreva, tel. +7 4722 301823;

Associate Director for the Coordination of Activities with Educational Establishments Nina I. Patokina, tel. +7 4722 301300 * 2828

The Administration of the Pedagogical Institute of BSU


The Institute Today

The main task of the Pedagogical Institute is the training of qualified Specialists, Bachelors and Masters who will be able to apply their professional and pedagogical skills in accordance with the requirements of modern society and the developing trends within the educational system of the country and our region.

Graduates from the Pedagogical Institute are expected to take leading teaching positions in General and Further Education, and be capable of creating and organising alternative forms of Preschool, Primary and Secondary school education and be ready to solve problems in their given roles.

Graduates of the Pedagogical Institute are expected to carry out their tasks in a professional manner, which conform to the high standards of preparation afforded by the Pedagogical Institute of Belgorod State National Research University, and in accordance with the professional standards laid out in their chosen field.

Vocational training for students is carried out according to European standards of continuous three-level higher education, namely, Bachelors, Master's and Postgraduate study. We have over 5,000 students.

Full-time courses are 4 and 5 years, part-time courses take 5 and 6 years, while Postgraduate courses usually take between two and two-and-a-half years.

The 'STUDiA' Centre for Student Initiative

In 2017 the 'STUDiA' Centre for Student Initiative was opened, with active participation and help from the Rector of the University. STUDiA allows student organisations from the Pedagogical Institute to broadcast on-line and communicate with students and educators from other regions and cities. It allows them to participate in web seminars, forums and other on-line events, and exchange experiences with other Higher Education establishments across Russia and around the world.

Information was given by L.Tsurikova 10.04.2018

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