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Institute of Management

Address: 85 Pobeda St., Building 14, room 214
Phone: +7 4722 301255
Director Victor M. Zakharov, PhD, professor
E-mail: Zakharov@bsu.edu.ru


Deputy Director for Academic Affairs and Methodical Work Inna V. Trembach
Building 14, the second floor, room 202
Phone: +7 (4722) 30-12-79; trembach@bsu.edu.ru

Deputy Director for Social and Educational Work Tatyana P. Streltsova
Building 13, the first floor, room 1-14
Phone: +7 (4722) 24-54-75; streltsova@bsu.edu.ru

Deputy Director for Research Work Ivan I. Gulyaev, PhD, associate professor
Building 14, the second floor, room 203
Phone: +7 (4722) 30-12-56; gulyaev@bsu.edu.ru

Deputy Director for International Affairs Larisa N. Shmigirilova, PhD, associate professor
Building 14, the third floor, room 304
Phone: +7 (4722) 24-54-88; shmigirilova@bsu.edu.ru

Executive Director of High School of Management Natalya S. Govorukha
Building 14, the second floor, room 214
Phone: +7 (4722) 30-11-09; govorukha@bsu.edu.ru


The Institute of Management of Belgorod National Research University was founded on the basis of the Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship and the Institute of State and Public Administration. The Institute of Management was included into the structure of NRU BelSU on June 26, 2013 by Decree 579-OD On the Foundation of The Institute of Management.

Nowadaysthe Institute of Management is the largest centre for fundamental and applied research in the field of sociology and social technologies, organization of work with youth, staff management. It is also included in the top ten among educational institutions, which train specialists in the field of state and public administration.


The Institute of Management consists of 5 Departments and one School.

  • Department of Social Technologies;
  • Department of Sociology and Organization of work with youth;
  • Department of Management Organization and Marketing;
  • Department of Tourism and Socio-cultural Service;
  • Department of Human Resource Management;
  • High School of Management.

Training Programs

The Institute offers the following courses for future bachelors, masters and specialists:

Bachelor Degree Programs:

  • Tourism;
  • Service;
  • Sociology;
  • Management (professional specialization: Entrepreneurship; Organization and Management Activity);
  • State and public administration;
  • Personal Management;
  • Organization of work with youth.

Specialists Program:

  • Customs affairs.

Masters degree program:

  • Business Sociology;
  • Sociology of management;
  • Sociology of the Internet;
  • Marketing;
  • Strategic Management;
  • State and public service;
  • Project management;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Personal Management in the modern organization;
  • Expertise and Analysis in the sphere of Public audit;
  • Organization and Management of the Tourist Industry;
  • Organization and Management of the Business Activity.

Our Institute implements joint curricula in such Master's degree programmes as Sociology, Tourism. Joint curriculum involves development and implementation of curriculum by two partner-universities, award those who successfully complete the programme. It is a unique opportunity to get practical knowledge and invaluable experience, to undertake an internship (scientific-research and practical) at two universities.

Postgraduate education:

  • Sociology of management;
  • Social structure and social institutions and procedures;
  • Sociology of culture;

Continuing professional education programs (High School of Management):

  • Master of business administration;
  • State and public administration;
  • Personal Management;
  • Management Training Program for national economic enterprises of the Russian Federation (The Presidential Management);
  • Professional development program: State and municipal management; Economics and management of an enterprise; Human resource management; Project management; Financial management; Marketing.

Nowadays study at the Institute of Management is:

  • Practice-oriented training;
  • Internship at the Federal and regional authorities, bodies of local self-government;
  • Work-shops of the leading heads of government, control of the region and organizations;
  • Business games, work-shops and special projects;
  • Language training;
  • Employment assistance.

The Institute has a wide range of scientific and training contacts with the representatives of economic entities, business community and public authorities.

Teacher from Hanze University of Appled sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands, gives the workshop to students of the Institute of Management

The teaching staff

The teaching staff consists of highly skilled and experienced scholars, including over 90 teachers with PhD degrees and over 20 professors with doctoral degrees.

Research work

The formation of the internationally recognized research center in management and sociology is a priority of the Institute of Management.

The following organizations function on the basis of the Institute:

  • Population process laboratory (contact person: Natalya Shevchenko, nshevchenko@bsu.edu.ru);
  • Sociological research center (contact person: Inna Shapovalova, shapovalova@bsu.edu.ru).

Under scientific activities students and teaching staff receive the President of the Russian Federation Grants, Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation grants, Russian Science Foundation, RFFI, presidential scholarships, the Government of the Russian Federation scholarships, the Governor of Belgorod region scholarships, Andrey Skoch and Vladimir Potanin charity funds scholarships.

Total volume of funding resources successfully completed within research work in the form of grants, State contracts and economically-contractual subject-matters by the teachers of our institute for the period of 2013-2017 is over 90 million rubles.

For the period of 2010-2017 the Institute of management has published over 1300 scientific papers, the majority of which is included into Russian Science Citation Index, State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. Over 80 scientific papers of the faculty are included into international base like Scopus and WoS.

Significant scientific measures of international and federal importance are annually organized and carried out on the basis of Institute of Management by the faculty.

In the Institute of Management there is the Student Research Society which supports students engaged in research activity.

The teaching staff, postgrads, graduate students and students take active part in research activities.They do their research work in the following spheres:

  • Transdisciplinary researches in social theory;
  • Sociology of religion and culture (contact person: Sergey Lebedev, lebedev@bsu.edu.ru);
  • Sociology of youth;
  • Sociology of public opinion;
  • Project Management;
  • Sociology of management;
  • Sociology of culture;
  • Social structure, social institutions and processes

ontact persons: Valentin Babintsev, doctor of philosophical sciences, professor, babintsev@bsu.edu.ru; Inna Shapovalova, head of Department of Sociology and Organization of work with youth, doctor of sociological sciences, professor, shapovalova@bsu.edu.ru)

  • strategic issues of efficiency and competitiveness of the Russian economy (contact person: Olga Slinkova, slinkova@bsu.edu.ru);
  • territorial marketing in the context of regional development (contact person: Tatyana Klimova, TKlimova@bsu.edu.ru);
  • study of the regional market of tourist services (contact person: Ekaterina Vishnevskay, vishnevskay@bsu.edu.ru);
  • creating an effective brand Belgorod region (contact person: Galina Likhosherstova, likhosherstova@bsu.edu.ru);
  • the development of the tourism potential of the region (contact person: Tatyana Klimova, tklimova@bsu.edu.ru).

Contact person: Tatyana Klimova, head of Department of Tourism and Socio-cultural Service, Ph.D. in Economics, tklimova@bsu.edu.ru

  • Regional economy;
  • Transformation of management mechanisms in the Economics at meso- and micro levels of economic system;
  • Development of innovative infrastructure objects and consulting of innovation projects;
  • Ecologization of economy at all level of management.

Contact person: Boris Tkhorikov, head of the Department of Management Organization, PhD, tkhorikov@bsu.edu.ru

  • Mechanisms of human development in the context of employment;
  • Anti-crisis management of labor market and social-labor relations;
  • Development of innovative capacity of management staff;
  • Public relations management;
  • Applied research in the field of personnel and creative management.

Contact person: Larisa Tretyakova, head of the Department of Human Resource, doctor of economic sciences, professor, tretyakova@bsu.edu.ru

295-year anniversary of the ranking chart. Scientific quiz for students

International activity

At present foreign students from the States of the former Soviet Union are taught at the Institute: Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan as well as students from abroad: Angola, Guatemala, Madagascar, China, Congo, Turkey, Ecuador, Brazil.

International activity focuses on learning, adaptation and applying best international practices into education and research activities, formation of business image of the Institute of Management in international academic community.

International cooperation of the Institute of Management is realized on the basis of:

  • Performance of the agreement with top ranked international science and educational centers and university partners;
  • Providing academic mobility of teaching staff, personal, students, masters, postgraduate students;
  • Realization of scientific and educational projects according international programs;
  • Holding and participation in international scientific conferences, congresses, forums, competitions;
  • Inviting foreign teaching and scientific employees and specialists, public and state figures to take part in educational and research processes.

Top management of the Pegasus week

Students from Hanze University of Appled sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands, participate in the Pegasus week

Social and Cultural Activities

There are a lot of traditions at the Institute: annual talent contests, amateur art show. Students organize their free time by themselves: meetings with interesting people, go in for sport sections, make spring and autumn tourist trip. Also there is a complex sport and health-improving program. Students of the Institute are constant participants of different competitions, championships and sports contest at the University.All young people studying in the Institute of Management show active stand in life, respect and develop the traditions of our Institute and our University.

Reunion party 2017

Our achievements

In the strategic outlook the status of Transregional Certification Authority of project competences will allow NRU BelSU to prepare and certify multifaceted project managers.

Transregional study center of competence development of Federal Tourism Agency based on Institute of Management will help the professional development of service and tourist destination specialists in general and hospitality branch in particular.

Educational platform of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation based on High school of management is meant to be a guide in the purchasing sphere.

In the master educational system new programs with foreign partners from Holland, Serbia and Kazakhstan have been launched. Traditionally we prepare professional leaders: among our students there are Anna Vasilieva and Natalia Yakovenko who are the winners of Russian students championships.

The participation in the global programs such as You are an entrepreneur, Young professionals, Our future reveals new perspectives in the development of entrepreneurial and led managed competences for our students.

Information was given by Vadim Polshin 14.12.2017

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