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The Institute of Management

Address: 85 Pobeda St., Building 14, room 214
Phone: +7 4722 301255
Director Victor M. Zakharov, PhD, professor
E-mail: Zakharov@bsu.edu.ru

Training Programs

The Institute offers the following Bachelor's, Master's and Specialist's courses.


  • Tourism
  • Service Industry
  • Sociology
  • Management (Specialising in Entrepreneur Organisation and Active Management)
  • State and Public Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Working with Young Employees


  • Customs and Excise


  • Business Sociology
  • Sociology of Management
  • Sociology of the Internet
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • State and Public Service
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Personal Management in Modern Organisation
  • Expertise and Analysis in Public Audit
  • Organisation and Management in the Tourist Industry
  • Organisation and Management of Business Activity

Our Institute is operating Joint Master's Degree programs in Sociology and Tourism, with partner Universities based in foreign countries. A joint curriculum may involve internships at partner Universities, in order to conduct research or gain practical experience. Success in these programs will be rewarded with a Joint Degree from both Universities.

Postgraduate education

  • Sociology of Management
  • Social Structure and Social Institutions and Procedures
  • Sociology of Culture

Continuing Professional Education (Higher School of Management)

  • Master of Business Administration
  • State and Public Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Training Program for National Economic Enterprises of the Russian Federation (State Institution Management)
  • Professional Development program: State and Municipal Management, Economics and Enterprise Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Financial management, and Marketing

At the Institute of Management we focus on

  • Practical training
  • Internship at Federal, Regional and Local Government Authorities
  • Work-shops with leading managers from all levels of government
  • Business simulations, work-shops and special projects
  • Language training
  • Careers advice

The Institute has an extensive network of contacts in academia, the business community, and public authorities.

Teacher from Hanze University of Appled sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands, gives the workshop to students of the Institute of Management

Research work

The Management and Sociology Research Centre is internationally recognised, and a priority for the Institute of Management.

The following organisations operate at the Institute,

  • Demographic Research Laboratory (contact Natalya Shevchenko, nshevchenko@bsu.edu.ru)
  • Sociological Research Centre (contact Inna Shapovalova, shapovalova@bsu.edu.ru)

Teaching staff, postgraduates, and students take an active part in research conducted in these areas,

  • Interdisciplinary research in Social Theory
  • Sociology of religion and culture (contact Sergey Lebedev, lebedev@bsu.edu.ru)
  • Sociology of Young Workers
  • Sociology of Public Opinion
  • Project Management
  • Sociology of Management
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes

Contact Professor Valentin Babintsev, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences (babintsev@bsu.edu.ru), and Professor Inna Shapovalova, Doctor of Sociological Science, and head of the Department of Sociology and Organisation of Young Workers (shapovalova@bsu.edu.ru).

  • Strategic Issues in Russian Economic Efficiency and Competitiveness (contact Olga Slinkova, slinkova@bsu.edu.ru);
  • Territorial Marketing in Regional Development (contact Tatyana Klimova, tklimova@bsu.edu.ru);
  • Regional Market Studies for Tourist Services (contact Ekaterina Vishnevskay, vishnevskay@bsu.edu.ru);
  • Creating an Effective Brand for Belgorod Region (contact Galina Likhosherstova, likhosherstova@bsu.edu.ru);
  • Development of Regional Tourism (contact Tatyana Klimova, tklimova@bsu.edu.ru).

Contact Dr Tatyana Klimova, Doctor of Economics, and head of the Department for Tourism and Socio-Cultural Services (tklimova@bsu.edu.ru)

  • Regional Economics
  • Transformation of Management Mechanisms in Economics at Meso and Micro Levels of an Economic System
  • Development of Innovative Infrastructure Objectives and Advising on Innovation Projects
  • Stream-lining Economic Management

Contact Dr Boris Tkhorikov, head of the Department of Management Organisation (tkhorikov@bsu.edu.ru)

  • Mechanisms for Human Development in Employment
  • Anti-crisis Management in the Labour Market and Labour Relations
  • Developing the Innovative Capabilities of Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Applied Research in Personnel and Managing Creativity

Contact Professor Larisa Tretyakova, Doctor of Economic Sciences, and head of the Department of Human Resources (tretyakova@bsu.edu.ru)

295-year anniversary of the ranking chart. Scientific quiz for students

International activity

At this time we are training students from the states of the former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan) and further afield (Angola, Guatemala, Madagascar, China, Congo, Turkey, Ecuador, and Brazil).

The Institute of Management is focused on adapting the best international practices into its educational programs and research activities, in order to contribute to the international academic community.

International cooperation at the Institute features,

  • agreements with top ranked international Scientific and Educational Institutes and Universities
  • the fulfilment of Scientific and Educational projects according to those agreements
  • the provision of academic mobility for teachers and students at all levels
  • holding and participating in international scientific conferences, congresses, forums, and competitions
  • inviting foreign teachers and scientists, specialists, private businessmen and government figures to take part in educational and research programs

Top management of the Pegasus week

Students from Hanze University of Appled sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands, participate in the Pegasus week

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