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Faculty of Mining and Natural Resource Management

Dean’s office – 85 Pobeda Street , building ¹14, room 2-11
Phone: +7 4722 301170, 301171
Fax: +7 4722 301174
Dean – Petin Aleksandr Nikolayevich,
Candidate of Geographical science, professor
web: http://ggf.bsu.edu.ru

The Geology and Geography faculty has begun its history since 1991.


There are 7 departments on the faculty now:

  • Department of geography, geo-ecology and life safety
  • Department of nature management and land cadastre
  • Department of applied geology and mining
  • Department of Geology and mining
  • Department of engineering geology and hydrogeology
  • Department of land administration
  • Department of agroecology.

At the faculty of Mining and Nature Management the following subdivisions are created:

  • Federal and regional centre for aerospace and ground monitoring of objects and natural resources.
  • Research laboratory of mineral processing.

Geological and mineralogical museum, which includes collections of minerals and rocks iron ore deposits of KMA and other regions of Russia more than 2.5 thousand samples

Education at full-time, part-time and extra-mural departments is conducted at the faculty by 61 highly-qualified specialists, including 12 Doctors of Sciences and Professors.

The staff composition of the faculty:

  • Professors – 12 persons
  • Associate professors – 34 persons
  • Senior lecturers – 15 persons
  • Candidates of Sciences – 41 persons
  • Doctors of Sciences – 12 persons
  • Currently, the faculty trained more than 500 students.

Educational Programs

Currently, the faculty of mining and natural resources implements the following educational programs for bachelor, master and specialist degrees

Full-time Courses:

Bachelor Degree Programs:

  • 05.03.02 Geography (specialization «Physical geography and landscape science»);
  • 05.03.06 Ecology and natural resource management (specialization «Environmental management»);
  • 21.03.02 Land management and cadastres («Cadastre of objects of real estate»)

Specialist’s Programs:

  • 21.05.02 Applied Geology (with specialization in prospecting and exploration of underground waters and geological engineering survey);
  • 21.05.04 Mining (specialization «mine surveying»);

Master Degree Programs:

  • 05.04.02 Geography (master's program «geoecology»);
  • 05.04.06 Ecology and nature management (master's program «Study of natural resources by aerospace means»);
  • 20.04.01 Technosphere safety
  • 21.04.02 Land management and cadastres (master's program «Cadastre and land monitoring»).

Part-time Courses:

Bachelor Degree Programs:

  • 05.03.06 Ecology and natural resource management (specialization «Environmental management»);

Master Degree Programs:

  • 05.04.06 Ecology and nature management (master's program «Study of natural resources by aerospace means»);

Extramural Courses:

Bachelor Degree Program:

  • 21.03.02 Land management and cadastres (the «Cadastre of objects of real estate»,

Specialist’s Program:

  • 21.05.02 Applied Geology (with specialization in prospecting and exploration of underground waters and geological engineering survey);
  • 21.05.04 Mining (specialization «mine surveying»);

Master Degree Programs:

  • 05.04.02 Geography
  • 20.04.01 Technosphere safety
  • 21.04.02 Land management and cadastres

In computer class students learn GIS technology

The programs, which have international and public accreditation:

  • 21.03.02 Land management and cadastre (the «Cadastre of objects of real estate», baccalaureate);
  • 21.05.02 Applied Geology (with specialization in prospecting and exploration of underground waters and geological engineering survey);
  • 21.04.02 Land management and cadastres (master's program «Cadastre and land monitoring»).

Training Courses:

  • Change of geosystems under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors: on the example of the Eastern Europe centre (216 hours).
  • Energy saving (72 hours).
  • Geographic information systems in public administration (72 hours).
  • Geoinformatics and remote sensing in ecology and nature management (72 hours).
  • Features of engineering surveys on the most dangerous, complicated and unique objects (72 hours).

Postgraduate Programs

  • 05.06.01 Earth Sciences» educational program «Geoecology»
  • 05.06.01 Earth Sciences, educational program «Physical geography and biogeography, geography of soils and geochemistry of landscapes» and «Land management, cadastre and monitoring of lands»
  • 21.06.01 Geology, exploration and mining, educational program «Mining and oil and gas production, geophysics, mine surveying and geometry of mineral resources» and «Geomechanics, destruction of rocks, miner aerogas dynamics and mine thermophysics»

Research work

  • environmental and geographical studies; geoecological substantiation of rational nature management;
  • evolutionary - genetic studies of the geographical environment;
  • study of natural and natural-technogenic ecoysystem on the territory of the Belgorod region;
  • ecological restoration of anthropogenically disturbed geosystems,
  • the socio-economic and geographic studies of the population of Belgorod region;
  • monitoring of exogenous geological processes.
  • the problem of placement and disposal of industrial wastes of metallurgical enterprises of the region;
  • research of anthropogenic transformation of landscapes of the Belgorod region;
  • features of the dynamics and processing of the banks of the Belgorod reservoir;
  • geotechnical evaluation of rocks under the difficult conditions of construction of buildings and structures;
  • mine geology and hydrogeology in the development of iron ores etc.


Aleksandr Nikolaevich Petin

Dean of the faculty of mining and natural resource management at Belgorod state University (since 2002 - present time).
Candidate of Geographical Sciences (Ph.D.) 1985.
Doctor of Geographical Sciences (Dr.Sci.) 2010.
e-mail: Petin@bsu.edu.ru

Author more then 450 scientific works, 12 monographs, 15 Educational and Methodological Guidelines

Sphere of scientific interests – physical geography, landscape science, geomorphology, Geoecology and Geology

Developed scientific direction – «Geoecological problems of optimisation of mining in the region KMA»

Editorial Board member of scientific journals «Problems of regional ecology» (Moscow), «Scientific Bulletin of the Belgorod state University», Series - Natural science, Belgorod).

Member of the head Council for fundamental geographical problems of the international Association of academies of Sciences, Moscow)

Member of the Presidium of the Educational-methodical Association on ecology and sustainable development at the Moscow state University (Moscow)

Corresponding Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) (Diploma at June 23, 2005).

The diploma of the National ecological prize «Ecomir» in the nomination «environmental education» for the development of the electronic textbook «The Problems of regional ecology and nature management», repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the Department of education and science of the Belgorod region, the Governor of the Belgorod region, in 2005 for the merits in the field of education he was awarded the badge «Honorary worker of Higher professional education», and in 2010 he was awarded the «Medal of merit before the Belgorod land» of the II degree.

The Head of more than 10 scientific grants: RFBR, RFH, Ministry of education of the Russian Federation and a number of hozdogovornyh fact, and also participated as a co-executor in International grant «Contribution of Woody Vegetation to Organic Matter Content of Soils Under Forest Plantations – Assessment for Bioenergy Production in the Great Plains (U.S.) and Central Russian Upland (Russia). Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF).

Kornilov Andrey Gennadievich

Head of the Department of geography, geoecology and life safety, doctor of geographical sciences, professor

Author of over 200 scientific publications, including more than 10 monographs, 11 educational-methodical works.

He supervised 7 PhD theses.

2000 - Doctor of Geographical Sciences (Dr.Sci.) Dissertation Council of the State University of land use planning (GUZ, Moscow), specialty 25.00.36 – Geoecology (11.00.11).

Research interests – ecology, environmental protection.

Developed scientific direction – «The study of natural and natural-technogenic ecoysystem for sustainable development of regions».

Chendev Yuri Georgievich

Head of the Department of nature management and land cadastre, doctor of geographical sciences, professor

1994 - Candidate of Geographical Sciences (Ph.D.) Geographical faculty of Moscow state University after M. V. Lomonosov. Specialty 11.00.05. – Biogeography and geography of soils.

2005 - Doctor of Geographical Sciences (Dr.Sci.) Geographical faculty of Moscow state University after M. V. Lomonosov. Specialty 25.00.23. – Physical geography and biogeography, geography of soils and geochemistry of landscapes.

Soros associate Professor in 2001.

Participant of the Fulbright Program in 2008-2009 (grant US).

Author of 180 published works, including 6 monographs, 17 textbooks.

Sphere of scientific interests - Genesis, evolution and soil geography, historical geography and archaeological soil science.

The author of the theory of natural and anthropogenic evolution of forest-steppe soils of the Central Russian upland in the Holocene.

Lisetskii Fedor Nikolayevich

The Director of Federal-regional centre of aerospace monitoring of natural resources.

1994 - Doctor of Geographical Sciences (Dr.Sci.) Odessa national University after I. I. Mechnikov. Specialty 11.00.05. – biogeography and geography of soils.

Corresponding member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and arts (1995), academician of the International Academy of ecology and life safety (2003).

Author of 320 papers, 22 educational-methodical works, 11 monographs, 15 intellectual property (patents and certificates). Prepared 17 candidates of sciences.

Sphere of scientific interests - development of principles of conservation and environmental management of agricultural landscapes, mathematical modeling of the processes of reproduction, soil, study of the evolution of soils in natural and anthropogenic trend, the study of spatio-temporal organization of landscapes and its changes due to agricultural development.

Goleusov Pavel Vyacheslavich

Doctor of geographical sciences, associate professor

The author of over 100 scientific works, 3 monographs, 4 manuals. 2002 - Candidate of Geographical Sciences (Ph.D.). Voronezh state University. Specialty 25.00.36. – Geoecology.

Since 2007 - associate professor.

2012 - Doctor of Geographical Sciences (Dr.Sci.). Voronezh state pedagogical university. Specialty 25.00.26 – land management, cadastre and monitoring of lands.

Research interests – ecology, restoration ecology, monitoring of environment.

Developed scientific direction – ecological rehabilitation of anthropogenically disturbed geosystems.

Lukin Sergey Viktorovich

Honored worker of science of RF, doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor, academician of RANS

The Director of the Federal state budget institution «Center of agrochemical service "Belgorodskii».

1992 -Candidate of biological Sciences (Ph.D., specialty «Agrochemistry»

1999 - Doctor of agricultural Sciences (Dr.Sci.)

Since 2005 - professor.

The author of more than 270 publications in the field of agricultural chemistry, agriculture and the environment including: 7 monographs, 13 methodical manuals, 7 patents for inventions, 125 articles in leading peer-reviewed journals of Russia.

The main directions of scientific research - monitoring, eco-Toxicological evaluation of chemical elements in soil and agricultural plants.

Smirnova Lidia Grigorievna

Doctor of biological sciences, Professor.

Head of the laboratory of adaptive plant production and agroecology in the Belgorod research institute of agriculture

The author of 145 scientific works, including 5 monographs, 8 objects of intellectual property, 14 Educational and Methodological Guidelines

1991 -Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) Specialty 06.01.04. – Agrochemistry.

2007. - Doctor of biological Sciences (Dr.Sci.) Specialty 06.01.04 – agricultural chemistry and 03.00.16 – ecology.

The research interests: soil science, agricultural chemistry, ecology, landscape ecology, landscape planning, land management. Developed scientific direction – development of the basic elements of adaptive-landscape systems of agriculture, development of ecological and landscape principles for the reproduction of soil fertility erosion in agricultural landscapes, the development of the assessment system of the modern trends of soil processes in anthropogenically modified soils.

Main research areas

The study of natural and natural-technogenic ecoysystem for sustainable development of the regions

The head of the direction: Kornilov Andrey Gennadievich

Leading scientist: Doctor of geographical Sciences, professor of the department of geography and geoecology Petin Aleksandr Nikolayevich

The main direction is the formulation of the basic scientific results taking into account the degree of novelty and the comparison with the similar results of Russian and foreign rivals:

The schemes of the regional geo-environmental research and ecological-geographical zoning of the territory based on the examples of several regions of the Russian Federation (Chuvash Republic, Voronezh oblast) were proposed, which were reflected in scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, regional state reports on the state of the environment, thematic maps, regional natural resource atlases.

The geoecological substantiation of rational nature management and spatial organization of the territory iunder new socio-economic conditions

The head of the direction: Lisetskii Fedor Nikolayevich

Research of this scientific direction is connected with the development of principles and regulatory framework for soil protection and environmental management of agricultural landscapes based on the basin concept of nature management, mathematical modeling of the resources reproduction, evaluation of energy potential of agricultural landscapes, study of erosion-accumulative processes, spatial-temporal organization of landscapes and its changes under the influence of agricultural development. The study of the state of natural environment in the contact zone of industrial production and agricultural land on the territory of the Belgorod and Starooskol-Gubkinsky urban agglomerations is conducted. The regional environmental projects on problems of reproduction of land resources, water use, the establishment of the network of protected areas, urboecology, application of GIS and remote sensing in the field of ecology and natural resources management are implemented.


  • Chendev, Yu.G. The Holocene Evolution of Forest-Steppe Soils on the Central Russian Upland, Moscow, GEOS, 2008. - 212 p
  • Chendev, Yu.G. Natural Evolution of Soils in the Central Forest-Steppe Zone during the Holocene, Belgorod, Belgorod. Gos. Univ.. 2004.- 200 p.
  • Petin A.N., Mining S.S. Mineral resources and geological-economic estimation of mineral deposits. Belgorod: Publishing house of BelSU, 2005. - 205 p.
  • Chendev Y.G., Petin A.N. Natural variability and anthropogenic transformation of the environment components of exploited regions (on ther example of the Belgorod region). - M: MSU Publishing house, 2006. - 124 p.
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  • Lisetskii F. N. Spatial-temporal organization of agrolandscapes“. Belgorod, 2000;
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  • Petin, A.N. Evaluation of the recreation potential of the old developed region (on example of the Belgorod region). Belgorod: Publishing house of BelSU, 2010. - 168 p.
  • Vasiliev, P.V. Petin, A.N. Geoinformatics in the rational use of subsoil. - Belgorod: the Institute of NRU «Belgorod state University», 2011. - 264 p.
  • Kornilov A.G., Petin, A.N. and others. Geoecological problems of optimization and stakeholders of overburden dumps iron-ore deposits KMA: monograph. - Belgorod NRU «Belgorod State University», 2013. - 124 p.
  • Petin A.N. and others Exogenous processes of relief formation on the plains (on the example of Belgorod region ). - Belgorod: Constant 2013. - 148 p.
  • Petin, A.N. and others Seversky Donets: the hydrological regime and ecological condition of water. Belgorod, NRU «Belgorod State University», 2013. - 184 p.
  • Soils and vegetation of the south of the Central Russian upland under changing climate: monograph/ [Y. G. Chendev, M. G. Lebedeva, S. M. Matveev and others]; edited by: Y. G. Chendev, M. G. Lebedeva.– Belgorod: CONSTANTA, 2016.– 326 p.
    The monograph is devoted to analysis of the environmental components reactions (soil and vegetation) in the south of the Central Russian upland to climate changes of different periodicity. The results of the responses of soils to changes in interglacial trend to changes in the interdecadal scale are observed. The features of the climatic evolution of soils in Holocene are discussed. The growth of forest cover in the study area in connection with climate change at the end of XX – beginning of XXI centuries is determined. The linear speeds of modern growth of forests are defined. The stage of the formation of zonal types of vegetation and soils in the forest-steppe landscape in the late Holocene is determined. The response of radial growth of pine and oak to climate change is studied. The dynamics of agro-climatic resources and crop yields in response to climate change in XX and XXI centuries is analyzed. The monograph is intended for wide circle of readers interested in the problem of environmental change influenced by climate change: geographers, soil scientists, ecologists, botanists, and historians.
  • Chugunova N. V. The socio-demographic development of Belgorod region the changing Russia. M.: GEOS, 2011. - 140 p.
    The monograph is devoted to the analysis of contemporary demographic and social development the changing Russia on the example of the Belgorod region. The attempt of finding solutions of the problems of demographic development of the country through the understanding of modern theories of population is done. The causes of territorial, demographic and social problems in the region and their transformation are determined. The monograph is focusing on the most important "landmark" blocks of space-time dynamics of the socio-demographic complex of the Belgorod region. The work is addressed to wide circle of specialists, representatives of territorial administration, teachers and students of higher institutions.


VII international scientific conference «Problems of nature management and the ecological situation in European Russia and on the adjacent territories» 29 - 31 May, 2017

The conference includes the following sections:

  • Environmental management and sustainable development
    • International cooperation in the field of environmental management
    • Sustainable development of the regions
    • Economics and environmental management
    • Rational use of natural resources
    • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental problems and situations
    • The impact of climate change on the environment and economic activity
    • Ecodiagnostics and ecological mapping of territories
    • Transboundary environmental problems
    • Change in time of geosystems under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors
  • New technologies in environmental management
    • Geographical and environmental information systems. Remote sensing of the Earth
    • Promising technologies for environmental protection and rehabilitation of geosystems
    • Recycling of waste production and consumption
  • Engineering-ecological problems of subsoil use
    • Environmental aspects of mining Geology and hydrogeology
    • The monitoring of the geological environment
    • New technologies of subsoil

The application form for participation in conference and materials for publication should be sent before 1 April 2017 in electronic form at: geoeco_conf@bsu.edu.ru

International Contacts

The faculty cooperates with the foreign educational institutions and organizations from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, as well as with academic institutions abroad: universities of the States of Iowa and Missouri (USA), Freiberg mining Academy (Germany), Aarhus University (Denmark), Opole University (Poland).

Since 2105 together with the University partner - Kazakh national University after Al-Farabi at the faculty the educational program by specialty 05.04.06 Ecology and nature management (6M060800 Ecology of KazNU after Al-Farabi) – master's level is implemented.

The Russian-American expedition, North Dakota (USA)

Training practice

Theoretical training is accompanied by practical exercises, including a fascinating field practice in the Crimea, on the Solovetskie Islands St. Petersburg, in the Caucasus, Altai, Baikal, of course, in the picturesque places of the Belgorod region and the environs of Belgorod (at the recreation center of the NRU «BSU» on the Nezhegol river, in the Botanical garden of the NRU «BSU», State nature reserve «Belogorie», etc.). Also, our students participate in educational practices during the expeditions. Students pass education-productional and scientific-pedagogical practice in research institutions, public and commercial structures.

Sampling of rocks on the educational geological practice in Crimea

Geological practice in the career of Stoilenskiy mining enterprise

Social Life

The cultural activity provides the platform for students to enrich their knowledge and broaden their views, to develop their versatile abilities and to demonstrate their talents. Regularly at the faculty different interesting measures are organized. Students and teachers take part in charitable actions, university chess, basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis competitions, etc.

Information was given by A. Solovyev 06.02.2017

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