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Faculty of Psychology

Address: Room 516, Building 4, 14 Studencheskaya Street, 308007, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301260
Dean Victor N. Tkachyov, PhD, professor
Institute of Pedagogy

I. Educational Activities

1.1 List of Courses

  • 37.05.02 The Psychology of Duty Activities, specialising in 'Moral and Psychological Support for Service Workers'
  • 37.05.01 Clinical Psychology, specialising in 'Emergency Psychological Support'
  • 37.03.01 Psychology
  • 44.03.02 Psycho-Pedagogical Education (Bachelor program in 'Educational Psychology')
  • 37.04.01 Psychology (Master's programs in 'Psychology of the Personality', 'The Psychology of Management', and 'Practical Psychology')
  • 44.04.02 Psycho-Pedagogical Education (Master's program 'Psychology of Teaching Activities')

1.2 Programs in Cooperation with Foreign Partners

  • 44.04.02 Psycho-Pedagogical education (Master's program 'Psychology of Teaching Activities') in cooperation with The Toraigyrov Pavlodar State University
  • 37.04.01 Psychology (Master's program in 'The Psychology of Management') in cooperation with the Academy of State Administration of the Republic of Armenia.

Both programs commenced in 2017 2018.

II. Academia

2.1. Scholar Schools

All the teachers if the department are involved in research activities conducted by research schools.

'The World of Man and the World of Culture' carries out research in:

  • Functional brain asymmetry and individual psychological characteristics of a person with a propensity for deviant behavior
  • Modeling the future in the student's age-group
  • Psychological culture as a condition of psychological health
  • Adapting to the stressors of various etiologies
  • Ecopsychological interaction in a medical establishment
  • Clinical and psychological determinants of unfavorable dynamics of alcohol abuse in adolescence
  • Personal identity and its physical manifestations
  • Reasoning in a specialist information culture in later schooling
  • Personological models of the path to the ideal in later schooling
  • Self-actualisation of students in a transforming socio-cultural environment in later schooling

'Sociological and Psychological Management' carries out research in the:

  • Development of technologies for psychological support for an innovating team
  • Organisational-activity approach to the formation of professional identity
  • Development of methods in psycho-diagnosis for professional competence in students
  • Features of gender identity

2.2. Key Research Results

The research work of the Faculty teachers is conducted in the following areas of psychology:

  • personality development in the educational and professional areas
  • acmeological invariants of professionalism in service
  • psychological well-being in the family

All full-time teachers of the Department of General and Clinical psychology are involved in scientific and methodological activities, which manifest themselves in the development of a scientific perspective, participation in grants, the preparation of monographs, and the development of training and teaching aids. Over the last 5 years, we have published 10 monographs, 10 textbooks, over 200 articles in various collections of scientific works, and over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals (RISC, VAK, Web of Science).

Information was given by L.Tsurikova 10.04.2018

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