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The Institute of Cross-cultural Communications and International Relations

Address: 14 Studencheskaya St., Campus Building 2, room 449
Phone: +7 4722 245401 245400
Director - Olga N. Prokhorova, Doctor of Philology, Professor


Deputy Director for Academic Affairs and Methodical Work Markelova Oksana Vladimirovna, PhD in Education, Associate Professor Address: 14 Studencheskaya St., Campus Building 2, 4th floor, room 446a, phone: (4722) 30-12-48, e-mail: markelova@bsu.edu.ru

Deputy Director for Social and Educational Work Fisunova Natalya Victorovna, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor Address: 14 Studencheskaya St., Campus Building 2, 4th floor, room 444, phone: (4722) 24-54-02, e-mail: fisunova@bsu.edu.ru

Deputy Director for International Activities Baghana Jerome, Doctor of Philology, Professor Address: 14 Studencheskaya St., Campus Building 2, 4th floor, room 447, phone: (4722) 24-54-03, e-mail: baghana@bsu.edu.ru

Deputy Director for Research Work Dekhnich Olga Vitalievna, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor Address: 14 Studencheskaya St., Campus Building 2, 4th floor, room 447, phone: (4722) 30-12-54


The Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations of Belgorod State National Research University was founded on the basis of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology and the International Faculty. The Institute of Cross-Cultural Communications and International Relations was included into the structure of NRU BelSU on June 19, 2013 by Decree 558-OD On the Foundation of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations.

The Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology

The history of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology dates back to 1963, when it became the third Faculty of Belgorod State Pedagogical Institute named after .S. Olminsky. L.S. Morozov, a well-known specialist in the field of Germanic Science, became the first Dean of the Faculty. The following scholars headed the Faculty in different years:

  • 1974-1998 - Professor V. I. Luev, PhD in Philology;
  • 1998-2009 - Professor O. N. Prokhorova, Doctor of Philology;
  • 2009-2013 - Associate Professor A.A. Kolesnikov, PhD in Philology.

The International Faculty

The International Faculty (preparatory) for foreign citizens of Belgorod State Pedagogical Institute named after .S. Olminsky was established in 1980. The first Dean of the Faculty was A.P. Uvarov, Associate Professor, PhD in History. In 1994, N.V. Malay became the Dean of the Faculty. Since 2003 and up to the foundation of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations, the Faculty was run by Professor M.A. Trubitsin, PhD in Technical Sciences.


Nowadays, the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations consists of 5 Departments, and 2 Research and Educational Centers.


  • Department of English Philology and Cross-Cultural Communication;
  • Department of the Second Foreign Language;
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Professional Communication;
  • Department of Romance and Germanic Philology and Cross-Cultural Communication;
  • Department of International Relations, Foreign Regional and Political Studies.

Research and Educational Centers

  • The Russian Language Testing Center for Foreign Citizens;
  • The Chinese Language and Culture Center.

Training Programmes

Currently, the Institute has more than 900 students from Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, China, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Tajikistan, China, Vietnam and other countries. The faculty staff consists of highly professional specialists, including native speakers from England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Serbia and China. The curriculum includes the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Polish, and Russian as a foreign language. The Institute offers the following intramural and extramural courses for future bachelors, masters and specialists:

For Russian and foreign citizens

Intramural and Extramural Courses

Bachelors Degree Programmes

  • Degree Programme 41.03.01 Foreign Regional Studies;
  • Degree Programme 41.03.04 Political Studies;
  • Degree Programme 41.03.05 International Relations;
  • Degree Programme 45.03.01 Philology:
    • Foreign Philology (the specific language pair: English & German + Foreign Literature);
  • Degree Programme 45.03.02 Linguistics: Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures (the specific language pairs: English & German, German & English, French & English);
  • Degree Programme 45.03.03 Fundamental and Applied Linguistics: Language Technologies.

Specialists Programme

  • Speciality 45.05.01 Translation and Translation Studies. Specialisation: Linguistic Support of Inter-state Relations (the specific language pairs: English & German, English & Spanish, English & French, English & Chinese, German & English, French & English) + the 3d foreign language (Chinese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese etc.).

Masters Degree Programmes

  • Degree Programme 41.04.01 Foreign Regional Studies;
  • Degree Programme 41.04.04 Political Studies;
  • Degree Programme 45.04.01 Philology:
    • Romance & Germanic Philology;
    • Theory and Practice of Cross-Cultural Communication;
    • Theory and Practice of Translation;
    • Modern Linguodidactics in the Context of Linguocultural Communication;
    • Russian as a Foreign Language.
  • Degree Programme 51.04.01 Cultural Studies.

Training Courses

  • Modular Courses of Foreign Languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese);
  • English Immersion Intensive course;
  • IELTS and TestDaF Preparatory Courses;
  • The Chinese Language for Russian and International Students;
  • The Russian Language and Culture Courses for International Students;
  • Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting.

Advanced Training Programmes

  • Translator in the Sphere of Professional Communication;
  • Communicative Grammar (English, German);
  • Improving Communication Skills (English, German);
  • Teaching Listening Comprehension (English, German);
  • Teacher of the Foreign Language;
  • Foreign Language in Business.

Postgraduate and Doctoral Training Programmes

The Institute implements postgraduate and doctoral training programmes in the following specialties:

Postgraduate Training Programmes

  • 45.06.01 Linguistics and Literary Studies:
    • Romance Languages;
    • Germanic Languages;
    • Linguistic Theory.

Higher Doctorate Programme:

  • 10.02.04 Germanic Languages

Research work

Today, the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations possesses the newest material and technical facilities. The teaching staff consists of highly skilled and experienced scholars, including over 90 teachers with PhD degrees and 10 professors with doctoral degrees. The teachers possess experience of research and teaching activities at the universities of different countries, including the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Finland, China, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia etc.

The 2nd International Conference dedicated to contemporary problems of linguistics, literary studies, and linguodidactics

The teachers and students of the Institute do their research work in the following spheres:

  • The cross-cultural communication and language pragmatics in the theory and practice of teaching the Russian language;
  • The language of professional communication in the paradigm of modern linguistic methodology;
  • Syntactic and semantic links and relations in the sentence and text;
  • Communicative and paradigmatic linguistics, language education;
  • Language in the system of knowledge;
  • Functional linguistics and semiology, cognitive linguistics;
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of translation;
  • Comparative linguistics.

The Institute is proud of its experienced and young professionals participating in various Russian, regional and international scientific contests, including the Russian Foundation for Humanities Awards, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research Awards, federal grant programmes of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Grant Contest of Young Scientists and Leading Research Groups etc.

All departments of the Institute arrange activities of students research societies and interest groups. Every year, many students and postgraduate students prepare and deliver reports at scientific conferences. They also publish their findings in various collections of research papers.

International Contacts

The Institute develops dynamically the international partnership with foreign colleges, universities and educational foundations having the association agreements with Belgorod State National Research University: The University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France), The University of Niš (Serbia), Bremen University (Germany), Robert Bosh Foundation (Germany), Goethe Institute (Germany), The University of Texas (the USA), Georgetown University (the USA), The University of Petroleum Technologies (China), Dalian University of Foreign Languages (China), Opole University (Poland), Kharkov National Automobile Engineering University (Ukraine), Karazin National University (Ukraine) and others.

The scientists and teachers from different countries of the world are regularly invited to the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations. They prepare courses of lectures for the students, teachers and scientists together with the staff members of the Institute and the University. Apart from educational activities, the teachers of the Institute, as well as their foreign colleagues are engaged in many extracurricular activities aimed at popularization of the Russian language abroad and education at Belgorod State University.

Each year, the teachers and students of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations together with their foreign colleagues prepare and publish collaborative teaching and instructional aids, monographs, they participate in different international scientific conferences, symposiums, and publish their researches in high-ranking international journals.

Social and Educational Activities

The students of our University have excellent living conditions. They live in modern, comfortable and well-equipped student hostels.

Each year, many cultural events are arranged for the students. These events promote their interest in learning foreign languages and increase the popularity of education offered by the University to the youth:

  • Student Initiation;
  • The Festival of Talents for First-year Students;
  • Concerts-Competitions Russian Song, Russian Romance and Popular Russian Songs;
  • Christmas Celebrations in English-, French-, German-speaking countries;
  • National Culture Festival;
  • Open Days in the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations;
  • Contest I can read poems in Russian;
  • Mothers Day Celebration in English-speaking countries;
  • National Features of British and American Character;
  • Beauty Contest Miss of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations;
  • The Exhibition of Scientific Creativity of the Students and Teachers of the Institute.

The Institutes team of intellectuals and A. Drouz, a prominent veteran contestant of the Russian TV gameshow What? Where? When?

The students of the Institute take an active part in traditional annual festivals of national cultures of our University. Every year, the University foreign languages contests (including Russian as a foreign language) are arranged for the Russian and foreign students of different faculties and institutes of the University.

The Institute arranges regular activities in the following groups of interest:

  • The Interpreters Workshop;
  • The Linguo-cognitive aspects of composing electronic dictionaries;
  • A Film Society;
  • A Methodology Club;
  • The cultures and traditions of foreign countries;
  • The current problems of modern linguodidactics;
  • The current problems of translation and translation studies;
  • A school of young interpreters;
  • The Club of Cross-cultural Communication.

Teachers of the Institute participating in the Ready for Labor and Defense Programme

The sports activities of Russian and foreign students are organized in different sections of Khorkina Sports and Educational Complex of Belgorod State National Research University. The students take part in basketball, football, volleyball and chess team championships.

In the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations, a great emphasis is placed on the implementation of the Health Care Programme. Health Care Days have become traditional and are held in Nezhegol Park and Recreation Complex. On these days, the students are engaged in various competitions, demonstrating their dexterity, speed, performance skills or simply rest and enjoy the beauty of the place.

The Institute arranges vocational guidance activities through cooperation with various educational institutions and businesses that offer on-the-job training for the students and further employment for the graduates.

Career guidance for school-children from the town of Biryuch

All young people studying in the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations show active stand in life, respect and develop the traditions of our Institute and our University.

Information was given by I.Lyashenko 29.03.2019

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