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Globus Linguistic Centre

Address: 85 Pobedy Street, University Building 12, Room 6-18 308015, Belgorod, Russia, city code 308015
Phone: +7 4722 301184
Head of the Centre - Tatiana Perutskaya,
PhD (Candidate of Philological Sciences),
Associate professor of the Department of English Philology and Cross-cultural Communication

Linguistic centre Globus is a structural subdivision of Institute of Cross-cultural Communications and International Relations of Belgorod State National Research University.

Globus staff is a team of highly qualified professionals in foreign languages. Most of our teachers combine teaching and working in translation and/or interpreting. It allows them to improve their practical skills and thus to progress to higher professional qualifications in teaching, interpreting and translation.

Services we provide

  1. Translation services for individuals and organizations: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting from Russian into foreign languages and visa versa at business meetings, negotiations, conferences, etc., as well as translating articles, business papers, technical literature, web-sites, etc.
  2. Educational services:
    • a) Preparation courses for school children aimed at improving their language skills to get ready for Basic State Examination and Unified State Exam (USE);
    • b) Business English courses for people involved in different business areas.
  3. Organizational and consulting services while arranging educational tours to England for BelSU students and staff, school children and outside customers, who would like to improve their language skills and learn more about British customs and traditions visiting the UK;

Preparation courses

Specially designed courses for preparing school children for taking Basic State Examination and Unified State Exam have been developed by the Centre:

  • a one year (132 academic hours) course for 9th form pupils
  • a two year (132 academic hours per year) course for 10th form pupils
  • a one year (132 academic hours) course for 11th form pupils

Educational tours to the UK, Ireland and Cyprus

The following kinds of 1 to 4 week English language training courses are available throughout the year:

  • Oxford School of English (Oxford).
  • Anglo-Continental (Bournemouth).
  • Oscars (London - UK, Dublin - Ireland and Cyprus - Limassol).

Courses for all-comers

  • Intensive General English language training course for international learners grouped according to their proficiency in English.
  • Specialised English courses: English for Medicine, English for Lawyers, Business English, etc.
  • Exam preparation courses to improve English language skills required for international English exams and certificates, such as IELTS, CAE, TOEIC, BULATS, GESE exam etc.

English for Medicine, English for Lawyers, Business English

Summer School Courses for school children (8+)

  • Oxford School of English (Oxford, UK).
  • Anglo-Continental (Bournemouth, UK).
  • Oscars (London - UK, Dublin - Ireland and Cyprus - Limassol).

Courses for school children

Information was given by Tatiana Perutskaya,
Head of Globus Linguistic Centre, on 31.01.2017

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