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Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Address: Room 419, Building 1, 14 Studencheskaya Street, 308007, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301810
Dean Svetlana D. Chernyavskikh,
candidate of biological sciences, associate professor
-mail: Chernyavskikh@bsu.edu.ru
Institute of Pedagogy

I. Educational activities

1.1. List of curricula

  • 44.03.01 Pedagogical education (bachelor programs in Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology);
  • 44.03.05 Pedagogical education (bachelor programs in Mathematics and computer Science, Computer Science and foreign Language (English), Mathematics and Physics, Geography and Safity of vital activity, Biology and Chemistry);
  • 44.03.01 Pedagogical education (master programs in Mathematical education, Scientific education, IT in education).

1.2. Faculty and stafff

There are 2 departments at the Faculty:

  • the department of Mathematics
    head of the department, I.P. Borisovskiy, candidate of Physical and Mathematical sciences, associate professor.
    The department has 11 teachers including 9 candidates of sciences, associate professors;

  • The Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Pedagogical Institute of BSU

  • the department of Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Teaching Methods
    head of the department, L.V. Krasovskaya, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.
    The department has 19 teachers including 3 PhD, professors, and 9 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

  • The Department of Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Teaching Methods at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Pedagogical Institute of BSU

II. Academia

2.1. Scholar schools

The Department of Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Teaching Methods develops a research project Adaptive modeling in the living and non-living systems. Under this project, research on the following topics is conducted:

  • Mathematical modeling of self-learning intelligent systems (leading scholar L.V. Krasouskaya);
  • Modeling of the morphofunctional state of nuclear hemocytes in vertebrates at adaptation to various environmental factors (leading scholar S.D. Cherniavskikh);
  • The physics of the interaction of relativistic electrons with periodic structures (leading scholars S.V. Blazhevic, Y.P. Gladkikh);
  • Modeling of heat transfer processes in liquids and gases (leading scholar M.A. Velichko).

Teachers of the Faculty, doctorate, graduate and undergraduate students are involved in research activities on each topic. Research and experimental work is carried out in scientists laboratories and experimental grounds of Belgorod and region.

2.2. Leading scholars

The research team led by professor S.V. Blazhevich is engaged in research in the field of coherent X-ray radiation.

2.3. Key research results

The research team of the Department of Mathematics for the past 5 years received financial support by RFBR, RNF and the Federal Target Program Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia.

The staff of the Department of Computer science, Natural Sciences, and Teaching Methods also carried out a number of research works in federal and departmental target programs, received grants from domestic and foreign funds and international programs. Teachers of the department have developed the following projects:

  • Coherence and interference effects in radiation by relativistic electrons in periodic and combined environments (guidance of professor S.V. Blazhevic);
  • Study of the generation of coherent X-ray radiation by fast charged particles in structured environments (guidance of professor S.V. Blazevic);
  • The establishment of effective methods and means for increasing resolution of digital space images (guidance of professor S.V. Blazevic);
  • Functional properties of hemocytes of myeloid series in some representatives of vertebrate, performed by young scientists from foreign countries under the supervision of PhDs in scientific organizations of Russia (guidance of associate professor S.D. Cherniavskikh);
  • Influence of the dynamics of relativistic electrons in a structured target on the spectral-angular characteristics of coherent radiation (2015 2017, guidance of professor S.V. Blazhevic).

III. The Faculty's achievements in scholar, educational and methodological activities

Teachers of the Faculty actively participate in the implementation of the Creation of the BSU Higher School project since 2013. BSU National Research School is now a structural division of the university, whose main goal is to attract talented students to the university, creating conditions for their intellectual development, providing them with the profile of training in specific subjects, proliferation and popularization of scientific knowledge.

BSU National Research School trains students of comprehensive schools that formed profile classes in the framework of concluded agreements on cooperation with BSU. Highly qualified teachers of BSU are involved in the process, and modern technical facilities of the University are used.

Currently, the BSU Higher School runs over 20 additional educational programs that foster differentiated education in mathematical and scientific subjects.

As a result of further development of educational programs, more than 600 students received BSU Higher School certificates.

Laboratory work with profile school students at BSU School

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