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Mineral Processing Scientific and Research Laboratory

Address: 2A, Koroleva Street 308034 Belgorod, Russia
Head of the Laboratory - Tatiana Gzogyan,
Candidate of Engineering Sciences, a Full Member of the International Academy of Mineral Resources and Academy of Mineral Sciences
e-mail: mehanobr1@yandex.ru

Laboratorys customers

Founded in 2006, the Laboratory has the following iron ore processors among its main customer enterprises:

  • Lebedinsky GOK, OJSC (Russia),
  • OAO KMAruda (Russia),
  • Mikhailovsky GOK, OJSC (Russia),
  • BELGEO, Scientific and Research Geological Republican Unitary Enterprise, (Belarus),
  • SIEMENS, Co. (Germany),
  • Metso Minerals CIS,CJSC (Sweden),
  • Vanhua Co., Xinxin Co., and other companies of Peoples Republic of China.

Main partners

The Laboratory has established cooperation with the following partners for finding solutions to issues of pressing importance:

  • Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences,
  • Moscow State Mining University,
  • National University of Science and Technology MISiS,
  • Mekhanobr Tekhnika Research and Engineering Corporation ,
  • The Gubkin branch of Moscow State Open University .

Main lines of activities

  • research into material composition (chemical analytical, mineralogical, assays, physical testing, etc.), textural and structural properties of mineral and industrial raw materials and derived products;
  • studying processing properties (grindability, washability) of mineral raw materials;
  • mineral and industrial raw materials research and processing;
  • further development of existent complex mineral processing technologies and creating new ones;
  • process audit for equipment and technology for mineral raw materials processing and issuing guidelines on productivity enhancement;
  • developing regulations on modernization and retrofit the technologies already employed;
  • developmental study of methods for increasing quality of concentrates of medium and lower purity and reducing their prime costs;
  • elaborating technical design specifications for retrofitting (modernization) of existing production facilities;
  • starting-up and adjustment of equipment and technologies at mining enterprises.

Main results summary

  • manual for stetting of norms for process losses upon non-oxidized ferruginous quartzites and high-grade iron ores processing; (for Mikhailovsky GOK);
  • manual for stetting of norms for process losses upon ferruginous quartzites processing, pellet and HBI production (Lebedinsky GOK);
  • technological evaluation of titanium magnetite ores deposit for the Balla Balla project (for SIEMENS);
  • technical design specifications and optimal parameters of enrichment process for using high-performance equipment processing at a concentration plant (for Lebedinsky GOK);
  • investment Feasibility study for increase in capacity of a plant, using latest technologies for ferruginous quartzites mining and processing for (Lebedinsky GOK);
  • investment Feasibility study for construction of Prioskolsky GOK: Concentration and pelletizing, crushing and sizing plant;
  • further technology appraisal of the iron ore deposit Okolovskoe and research on associated components at the laboratory analysis stage (for Belarus);
  • expert evaluation of poor manganese and iron ores processing (for Vanhua Co., Xinxin Co., and other companies of China);
  • process audit of technique and technology of iron ore magnetite concentrate production at Section 2 of Crushing and Dressing Plant (OAO KMAruda);
  • studying alterable physical and mechanical properties of ferruginous quartzites of the same type, with increasing the depth of mine development at the Lebedinskoye and Stoylo-Lebedinskoye Iron Ore Mines (for Lebedinsky GOK);
  • development of technical design specifications for sample selection and analysis for metallurgical mapping of the Kimkanskoe iron ore area;
  • development of methods for metallurgical mapping of the Kimkanskoe iron ore area;
  • studying grindability and washability of iron ores from South Aldan iron ore area;
  • developing/substantiation of procedures of comminution at Crushing and Dressing Plant (OAO KMAruda);
  • analysis, information and analytical procurement, and procedural guidelines for an innovative project of national standing Founding and commercial exploitation of energy-efficient and sources-saving technologies and equipment for production and preparation of raw materials based on disintegration and separation by vibration for use within civilian industries. Predictive evaluation of technical-and-economic indexes of the projects at all stages of project realization. (for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation );
  • technical design specifications for fluxed pellets production at OAO KMAruda;
  • developing an environmental protection technology for processing banded ferruginous quartzites and nonferrous metal ores processing waste which allow producing high quality pure mineral concentrates (for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian federation).

Information was given by Tatiana Gzogyan,
Head of the Laboratory, on 31.01.2017

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