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Intellectual automated control systems Scientific and Research Laboratory

Address: 2A Koroleva Street, Belgorod, Russia 308034
Head of the Laboratory - Olga Ivashchuk,
Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Professor at the Chair of Management Information Systems

The Laboratory was founded in 2013 in order to create and introduce new technologies and methods to make management control of complicated social, economic, organizational and technical systems more intellectual and automated.

Lines of activity

  • Fundamental and experimental research, research and development works to create and develop more intellectual and automated systems for monitoring of complicated social, economic, organizational and technical systems and objects conditions, and decision making process support for efficient and effective managing those conditions, and research into new methods and tools for automation and intellectualization;
  • establishing a scientific rationale for building and setting to function automated control systems of different levels and purpose, applying promising methods of mathematical and computer simulation for intellectual support of decision making in such systems work, increasing effectiveness of complicated social, economic, organizational and technical systems management of Belgorod and Belgorod region, employing automation and intellectualization means;
  • simulation and maintaining certain automated control systems of different levels and purpose;
  • development of embedded intelligence for decision making;
  • development of embedded intelligence for monitoring;
  • creating digital prototypes and developing software to provide database mining, adequate valuation and precise forecasts of complex dynamic systems condition and behaviour;
  • implementing methods of semi-structured data mining;
  • developing geo-information models and electronic atlases for dimensional analysis of data;
  • study into the feasibility of bettering of existent elements, parts, sample automated control systems of different purpose, creating new components, employing intellectual technologies, development of their performance and ergonomical characteristics, and economic features; developing new principles for technical decision build-up.

The Intellectual automated control systems Scientific and Research Laboratory

  • provides necessary support to enterprises and organizations in conducting search, research and development works and consequent implementation of their results,
  • carries out scientific, research, design and development works on a contractual basis;
  • provides IT support to scientific research conducted by scientists, postgraduate students, masters degree students and senior students of Belgorod State National Research Universities.

The Laboratorys current project

The Laboratory is now working on the project for Development of intellectual technology for environmental and technology-related risks monitoring and forecasting, and for territories technosphere safety management.

Anticipated results

  • developing conceptual, functional and structural models of information system of environmental conditions intellectual monitoring, and elaborating a territories technosphere safety conceptual model;
  • creating digital prototypes of biosphere and technosphere dynamics;
  • elaborating models for evaluation and forecasting ecological risks, regarding the changes in economic activities, climate, nature, management choice, and their software implementation;
  • developing intellectual technology for short-, medium-, and long-term forecasting of condition of atmosphere, acoustic environment, hydrosphere, soils, and admissible human impact on them;
  • developing information technology for natural and man-made objects interaction management;
  • founding methods, algorithms of alternative biosphere and technosphere management scenarios with definition of admissible human impact on natural environment;
  • setting up methods of networking information exchange of technosphere safety management units;
  • proposing a generalized model and a prototype intellectual information system of territorys technosphere safety management.

Intellectual automated control systems Scientific and Research Laboratory delivers services on assessment and forecasting the biosphere compatibility of territories of different levels and purpose, using the latest instrumentation and metrology equipment and following eco-data mining.

Information was given by Olga Ivashchuk,
Head of the Laboratory, on 31.01.2017

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