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Environmental Engineering Scientific and Research Laboratory

Address: 85 Pobedy Street, Russia, 308015
Phone: +7 4722 301166
Head of the Laboratory
Professor Viktor Korobov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Created in 2003, the Environmental Engineering Scientific and Research Laboratory is a part of the BelSU Department of Biology and Chemistry

The Environmental Engineering Scientific and Research Laboratory carries out fundamental and applied research in Environmental Engineering in Agriculture, Horticulture and Plant Protection.

Laboratory Scientific Focuses

  1. Exploring, developing and introducing existent and new effective and environment-friendly biologically active substances (BASs) both naturally occurring and of synthetic origin, used as plant protectants, adaptogens, plant immunity inducers and growth stimulant, using them in plant growing with help of nanotechnology.
  2. Research into plant stress caused by biotic, abiotic, anthropogenic factors and developing new, more effective ways to protect plants from them.
  3. Developing and introducing means and practices for soil fertility recovery and conservation, its self-purification and suppressive capacities.
  4. Improvement of techniques for ecological monitoring where contamination of soil and agricultural land might exist.

Information was given by Viktor Korobov,
Head of the Laboratory, on 31.01.2017

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