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Scientific and Training Center of Foreign Languages

Directors office 85 Pobedy Street , build.12, room 7-11
Phone: +7 4722 301252
Director Irina R. Perevyshina

The Scientific and Training Center of the Foreign Languages (STCFL), a structural unit of the Institute of Cross-cultural Communications and International Relations of Belgorod State National Research University, was founded on the 10th of September, 2003.

The center is headed by Irina Rashidovna Perevyshina, Ph. D. in Philology, Associate Professor, who is the author of such scientific and methological works as «Causative - Consecutive Lines of Translational Transformations» (Monograph), «Functional Equivalence in Translation» (Monograph); «Translation theory and translational practice» (co-author – N. I. Dzens).

The STCFL offers the following additional educational programs:

  • “Interpreter and translator in the sphere of professional communication”
  • “Translation as intercultural speech activity”
  • “Module courses of foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Turkish)”
  • “Linguistic providing of conferences, symposiums and international seminars”
  • “Intensive courses of English language with elements of language immersion”

The STCFL trains interpreters and translators in the sphere of professional communication. Students of each faculty of the BelSU and other higher and secondary education institutions can acquire this additional qualification, studying at the STCFL. The training takes two years, is on a contractual basis. The admission takes place after an interview with an applicant. According to the curriculum students get theoretical and practical training studying the following subjects: Introduction into Philology, Basics of Theory of Foreign Language, Stylistics of Russian Language and Culture of Speech, Theory of Translation, Linguistic Country-Studies, Country-Studies, Practical Course in Foreign Language, Practical Course in Professional Translation and Interpretation, Business Communication. The training finishes with the procedure of taking a Qualification Exam. After finishing the course of training a student is awarded with a diploma.

The main lines of working in the module language courses are oral speech and grammar which also has the communicative character. This does not mean that attention is not given to other language competences. Experienced teachers manage the studying process to develop all language competences by the learners: reading, speaking, writing and listening. The level training system combined with classes in little groups allow to obtain notable results assuming regular presence and active collaboration in the classes.

The STCFL organizes educational tours for studying German and English in Germany and Austria.

Information was given by Irina Perevyshina,
Head of Centre, on 31.01.2017

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