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Belgorod State National Research University Botanical Garden

Contact information: 18 Kasharsky Proezd, 308015, Belgorod, Russia
Phone/fax: +7 4722 301101
Head of the Botanical Garden - Valerie K. Tokhtar
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Phone/fax: +7 4722 30-11-00
e-mail: tokhtar@bsu.edu.ru
Deputy Director for General Affairs
Julia Ivanova
Phone/fax: +7 4722 30-11-01

Structure of the Botanical Garden

BSU Botanical Garden is a complex, comprising the following units:

  • Dendrology Department,
  • Department of Cultivated and Ornamental Plants,
  • Department of Natural Vegetation,
  • Department of Minor Vegetable Crops,
  • Nursery Department,
  • Glasshouse Cultures Department (Garden Room),
  • Maintenance Department.

Focus Areas

Founded in 1999, BelSU Botanical Garden is a unique social, cultural and natural object of Central Black Earth Region. The Botanical Garden has important genetic resources, comprising over 2000 kinds and species of plants, including endemics, relict plants, rare and threatened species, registered in Red and Green Books of Endangered Species of the Russian Federation. Rare species of fraction of flora of the Botanical Garden grow on the territory where bands of white limestone of rare purity are exposed. There are also species that grow only in Central Black Earth Region, particularly in the Belgorod region. Presently the Botanical Garden is the only active centre for plant introduction in Central Black Earth Region. Though the Botanical Garden is relatively young, it had already been registered as one of unique scientific settings of the Russian Federation (learn more about Modern Research Infrastructure of the Russian Federation at http://ckp-rf.ru/usu/200997/ (in Russian)). Integrated scientific effort here at the Botanical Garden is devoted to studying invasive and alien flora, investigation of anthropogenous transformation of flora, to developing issues of genetic conservation of wild and cultivated flora, plant introduction and acclimatization for the purposes of sustainable use of world resources and implementation on the territory of the Belgorod region.

The Botanical Garden staff professionals have a significant background for conducting scientific research and applied project development.

Current focuses

  • Studying invasive and alien flora,
  • investigation of anthropogenous transformation of flora,
  • prognosis and model construction of plant cover changes occurring as results of anthropogenous impact,
  • restoring and recultivation of territories disturbed by anthropogenic contamination,
  • organizing practical and on-the-job trainings for students of secondary and Higher education institutions of the Belgorod region,
  • environment monitoring, expert appraisal and changes forecast for territories where manmade objects function or are built,
  • advisory services on quarantine and invasive plant species,
  • excursion activities.

Perspective lines of activity

  • Plant cover changes, occurring as a result of climate change;
  • Developing projects on using plant-based products for alternative energy purposes;
  • Studying the world’s flora for educational purposes as well as for realization of promising projects in Pharmacy, developing herbal supplements for agriculture and veterinary based on plants grown by the Botanical Garden, and search for spice plants and plant species non-conventional for the Belgorod region.
  • Establishing the perspectives of precision agriculture for agricultural products production and plant diseases diagnosis.

Information was given by Valerie Tokhtar',
Head of the BelSU Botanical Garden, on 10.03.2014

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