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Problems of Ion-plasma Technologies Development and Implementation Scientific and Research Laboratory

Address: Rooms 118, 122, 3-5, Building 4, 2A Koroleva Street 308034 Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301300 * 5608
Head of the Laboratory Alexander Kolpakov,
Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences

Main Focuses

  • Investigating the plasma production process, the cathodic vacuum-arc discharge process
  • Investigating the properties of thin coatings and modified surfaces, physical processes of vacuum-arc coating formation;
  • Expansion and improvement of plasma sources;
  • Developing new equipment and techniques for ion-plasma modification of surfaces and coating application;
  • Applying coatings on articles used in various industry sectors, i.e. metalworking production, micromechanics and medicine.

Current Projects

  • Developing techniques for plasma production and conducting integrated study of physical and mechanical properties of thin and nanostructural hard vacuum-arc coatings;
  • Follow on development of production equipment for coating application;
  • Conducting research and development of new methods of characterization of nanoscale diamond-like carbon coatings used in various techniques of conduction for scanning probe microscopy (SPM);
  • Investigation of heat treating influence on structure and properties of nanoscale nanostructured carbon coatings;
  • Developing the methods of production of hard coating based on carbon components with enhanced temperature resistance;
  • Developing the technique for applying biocompatible nanoscale carbon coating on articles of medical purpose;
  • Developing an advanced prototype impulsive carbon plasma source;
  • Developing a pilot prototype special-purpose vacuum nanoscale coating equipment;
  • Fundamental studies of the nanostructured state and properties of coatings based on an amorphous carbon matrix doped with gold and silver, obtained by pulsed vacuum-arc and magnetron methods.

The Laboratory’s Commercializable Projects

  • Patent-protected technology for production of super hard nanoscale coatings for the use on the articles for micromechanics, in particular on cantilevers of scanning probe microscopes;
  • Technology for applying carbon coatings on cutting tools.

Information was given by Alexander Kolpakov,
Head of the Laboratory, on 29.03.2019

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