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Pharmacy Research and Education Centre

Address: 85 Pobedy St., Building 17, Office 2-7, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301427
Director Oleg O. Novikov, Doctor of Pharmacy, Head of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Department, Professor;
Deputy Director Elena T. Zhilyakova, Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor

Pharmacy Research and Education Centre is a structural unit of NRU BelSU Medical Institute.

The activities of the Centre comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as with laws and regulations of ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation, Belgorod regional administration, BRU BelSU Charter, decisions of the University Academic Board, BelSU Rector Decrees and other local statutory documents.

The Centre objective is to provide upgrade training and certification of pharmaceutical workers in Belgorod region and other regions, as well as to advance research in the field.

The Centre offers advanced pharmaceutical training.

Activities of the Centre have been provided with a respective academic license, and the personnel is highly skilled, due to which the Centre is ready to cooperate in postgraduate education.

Contemporary education technologies are employed in the course of training.

Major activities

The research is aimed at discovering high-potential bioactive compounds of various origin; developing methods to analyze these compounds; designing the formula and pharmaceutics of bioactive additives and medicines produced on their basis, pharmacological testing of the bioactive additives and medicines obtained;

Educational activities deal with post-graduate training of pharmaceutical workers with the purpose to provide upgrading opportunities and further certification and accreditation.

Experimental sites

Analytical Research Centre small-scale innovation enterprise

Research team

  • Zhilyakova Elena Teodorovna, Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor;
  • Pisarev Dmitry Ivanovich, Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor;
  • Shestopalova Natalia Nikolayevna, Candidate Sc.in Agriculture, Associate Professor;
  • Novikova Marina Yurievna, Candidate Sc.in Pharmacy, Associate Professor;
  • Vassilyev Georgy Vladimirovich, senior lecturer;
  • Malyutina Anastasia Yurievna, senior lecturer;
  • Sevryuk Inna Alexandrovna, teaching assistant;
  • Syritsa Olga Ivanovna, secretary;
  • Ivanova Larisa Leonidovna, secretary.


The research area of the team is Designing methodological approaches to analyzing natural and synthetic bioactive compounds in objects of various origin. Study of pharmacological aspects of using these bioactive compounds. A number of research projects are implemented in the field, which are aimed at developing innovative target medicines, new techniques of processing pharmaceutical substances using mechanical chemistry methods, as well as at the advancement of pharmaceutical set of studies.

The result of the many years of work includes a new research area, The Pharmaceutical Remake, which been presented on a global level.

Equipment available

  • Concurrent optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma, with a radial and axial plasma observation;
  • FPA-2 Automatic flame photometer;
  • High-performance liquid chromatograph with a mass-spectrometric detector;
  • Sigma 3-16P Centrifuge;
  • SF-104 Spectrophotometer;
  • GCMS Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer with an additional flame ionization detector;
  • IR-1 LT Rotation evaporator;
  • KFK-3-01 photocolorimeter;
  • ML-1 Vibratory ball mill;
  • RETSCH Vibratory disc mill;
  • Quanta 200 3D digital microscope;
  • Bench tableting press;
  • Powder flowability and angle of natural slip device;
  • Digital balances (analytical and technical balances) of different brands;
  • Solid dosage solubility and disintegration tester;
  • IS-1 Friability tester;
  • Contour5 semiautomatic solution bottling device;
  • SH SS-80 (-80) sterilizing cabinet;
  • Analysette 22 NanoTec laser light scattering particle size analyzer; SF-56 Spectrophotometer;
  • I-160M -meter;
  • PFA-354 Flame photometer;
  • Bruker Autoflex mass spectrometer
  • SM-3 circular polarimeter


  • Pharmstandard-Leksredstva JSC, Kursk,
  • Avsklepiy LLC, Belgorod,
  • State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Kursk State Medical University, Kursk,
  • State Healthcare Institution Centre for Medicinal Products Quality Control and Certification, Voronezh,
  • Regional State Unitary Enterprise Lipetskpharmatsia, Lipetsk,
  • Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev, Orel,
  • Veropharm JSC, Belgorod,
  • State Scientific Centre of Medicinal Products, Kharkov (Ukraine),
  • Applied Nanotechnologies JSC, Belgorod,
  • Petrochim JSC, Belgorod

Information was given by O.Novikov on 09.03.2017

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