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Centre for Mediation

Address: 85 Pobedy Street, Room 5-1, University Building 14 308015, Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301475
Head of the Centre Olga Kostina,
Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Chair of Civil Law and Litigation


Training professionals in mediation and negotiation skills, the Mediation Centre aspires to contribute to laying the groundwork for and developing a culture of negotiating, bargaining, solving conflicts – all oriented to inducing co-operative behaviour and reaching consensus – something new for the Belgorod region.

Main Focuses

  • developing legal means for mediation,
  • training professional mediators and skills in conducting mediation hearings and introducing settlement agreements, and in reclaiming and preserving civilized communication between parties in conflict,
  • increasing the use of mediation for dispute settlement,
  • developing partnership relations in business, family, informal communication and between co-workers.

Main Lines of Activities of the Centre for Mediation

The Centre’s main concerns deal with fostering spread of knowledge about mediation and alternative ways of solving disputes. The Centre organizes and hosts training courses, conferences, seminars, skills workshops on mediation and alternative ways of dispute settlement. The conducts legal review of draft settlement agreements reached after direct negotiations on civil disputes or issues of concern. The Centre is also a dispute resolution provider and offers services in mediation, alternative ways of dispute settlement, organizing negotiation procedure for individuals and companies (including Belgorod State National Research University) and in other ways of facilitation to enable the parties to resolve the difficulties.

Information was given by Olga Kostina,
Head of the Centre for Mediation, on 03.03.2014

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