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Demographic Processes Research Laboratory

Address: 85 Pobedy Street, University Building 14, Room 201, 308015 Belgorod, Russia
Phone/fax: +7 4722 301256
Head of the Laboratory Professor Sergey Ryazantsev,
Doctor of Economic Sciences,
Head of the Centre for Social Demography of the Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences the Institute of Socio-Political Research RAS
e-mail: riazan@mail.ru

Demographic Processes Research Laboratory was founded in 2013, following the BelSU Expert Council decision.

The Laboratorys main purpose is conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of social and demographic processes.

Main Focuses

  • Demographic situation monitoring and forecasting;
  • Demographic, social and economic changes over the past period and ones anticipated in the future;
  • Studying long-term dynamics of the processes affecting population size and age composition in the Belgorod region and similar regions, and reasons for depopulation;
  • Studies upon mortality, length of life and public health issues;
  • Research into recent transformations of migration patterns induced by social, political and/or political reforms.

Fields of fundamental and applied research

  • Research methods and tools;
  • Social dynamics, structure and stratification of Russian society;
  • Demographic and migration processes;
  • Youth Sociology;
  • Economic Sociology;
  • Ruralvillage sociology.

Professors, associate professors, lecturers, students and postgrads of Institute of Management as well as BelSUs leading experts in current issues of regional development contribute to the work of the Laboratory.

Administrator: N. Shevchenko, Candidate of Economical Sciences, Associate professor of Chair of Social Technologies.

Information was given by Sergey Ryazantsev,
Head of the Demographic Processes RL, on 31.01.2017

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