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Population genetics and Genotoxicology Scientific and Research Laboratory

Address: Room 6-17, University Building 14, 85 Pobedy Street, Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301165, +7 9036421613
Head of the Laboratory
Eduard Snegin, Doctor of Biological Sciences,
a BSU Associate Professor
e-mail: snegin@bsu.edu.ru

Housed by the Sub-Department of Biocenology and Ecological Genetics – a part of the BSU Biology and Chemistry Department – the laboratory has been functioning since 2008.

Prime objectives of the Laboratory

  • Fundamental and applied scientific researches in the area of population genetics, ecological safety, genetic safety,
  • Evaluation of the impact of substances and materials on bio-objects’ genetic apparatus,
  • Carrying out molecular genetic testing of livestock animals.

Main activities of the Laboratory deal with

  • Research and developing of methods and techniques to assess ecological and genetic conditions of natural populations of animals and plants that live in landscapes with different degrees of human-induced impact; studying bio-objects’ genetic apparatus condition to evaluate genotoxic properties of the environment, conducting fundamental and applied scientific researches in the area of population genetics, genotoxicology, and implementation of research findings.
  • Molecular genetic testing of livestock animals, including, but not limited to: developing bio-tech test systems (DNA-diagnosticums) and introducing them to agricultural industry for the following purposes: a) to revitalize livestock against viral diseases, b) to improve the quality of production, c)to define the livestock origin and to create a genetic identity document.
  • Conducting research to identify genetically modified organisms (GMO).
  • Studying genotoxic properties of substances and materials (including nano-materials, medication drugs, bio-additives, etc.) and their impact to genetic apparatus of laboratory test animals; conducting pre-clinical testing of the samples under research.

The Laboratory is equipped with a range of facilities for next-generation sequencing, real-time PCR, devices for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) of proteins, up-to-date microscopes and other state-of-art instruments and equipment. All the laboratory equipment is rated to meet world-wide and national standards.

Information was given by Eduard Snegin,
Head of the Population Genetics and Genotoxicology SRL, on 31.01.2017

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