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Applied Systems Analysis and Information Technologies Scientific and Research Laboratory

Address: 2a Korolev Street, Building 4

Head of the Laboratory Prof. Gennadiy Averin,
Doctor of Engineering Sciences

The SRL was created in 2014 upon the decision of BelSU Academic board. The aim of the SRL is to create research areas of sixth technology revolution which is characterized by development and application of high technologies. Interdisciplinary researches, convergence of technological, cognitive, social and humanistic sciences play an important role in this process.

Research activities

  • the applied operations analysis and development of the information technologies in global, social and humanistic, ecological and other interdisciplinary researches;
  • the using of scientific, mathematical and informational methods in the researches of social and economic processes as well as human development processes, in Earth sciences and solving environmental problems;
  • the applied cloud and distributed computing, operations with large data files and its visualization, application-oriented data bases, operations of satellite-based information;
  • development of applied research of data mining, creation of new information systems in the field of environmental control, ecological monitoring and studies of globalization;
  • implementation of developmental and design works in the field of automated systems, watch, information processing and storage facilities, creation of system software of ecological monitoring and internet data bases.

The main scientific achievement / results

Over the past five years, laboratory workers participated in the development and creation of:

  • the regional programs of the ecological monitoring, environmental protection and ecological safety;
  • the regional information analysis systems of ecological monitoring;
  • the automated systems of the environmental monitoring of Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk;
  • the new information technology for the processing of the satellite data and multispectral images, which has no analogues in the world. The platform for the geodata storage and 3D-visual system of the long-term climatic and ecological data:
  • the automatic stations for the air quality monitoring which are integrated with the environmental monitoring information system;
  • the automated monitoring system for atmospheric air of the Luhansk Power Plant of DTEK, etc.

Employees of the laboratory also developed and formulated:

Information was given by Gennadiy Averin 20.03.2017

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