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Technological Park "High-Tech"

Address: 2a Koroliova St., Belgorod
Phone: +7 4722 245605
Director - Alexander V. Gorodov

The objectives of Technopark activity

  • to ensure rapid development of high-tech industries and transforming them into one of the main drivers of economic growth in the Belgorod region.
  • to develop the territory of the Belgorod State University, develop engineering, transport and social infrastructure, create work, leisure and accommodation conditions for innovative companies' specialists and their families.
  • to integrate education, science, business and government in order to promote commercialization and development of scientific and technical potential of the Belgorod region.
  • to assist developing, producing, introducing and bringing innovative high-tech products that are based on the capacity of the university research units to the domestic and foreign markets.
  • to support development of new and existing companies in the sphere of high technologies, to create "points of growth" of innovation and small business in the region

Key tasks of Technopark

  • to create a modern complex of office and laboratory buildings, including a business incubator for the development of starting innovative companies, as well as complex business objects, and social infrastructure.
  • to develop and support an innovative cycle of competitive applied research of "BelSU".
  • to form a developed service infrastructure to support business innovation and shared services.
  • to create mechanisms for establishment and effective support of innovative businesses for consistent company's growth from start-up stage to sustainable business and formation of domestic brands in the sphere of high technologies.
  • to create an effective management mechanism of Technopark.
  • to increase investment attractiveness of the economy innovation sector, to increase significantly the share of high-tech products in the gross regional product of the Belgorod region, to broaden the tax base and improve profitability of the budgets of all levels.
  • to intensify involvement of completed developments in the industrial and commercial turnover by reducing the time of OCD and effective preparation for commercialization.
  • to create a modern center for training highly skilled staff in the field of innovation projects management, as well as skills development for innovative companies.
  • to increase employment in knowledge-intensive industries, to find out a comprehensive solution of social problems, the implement housing program

Research and production specializing of companies in the Technopark complex

  • technology of submicrocrystalline unalloyed titanium production, which has enhanced performance;
  • specialized equipment and agents of nano-sized hydroxyapatite production and application of bioactive coatings on titanium alloys;
  • technology of termo-generator battery production by plasma spraying;
  • development of new drugs;
  • information and communication technologies and systems;
  • microcontroller scheduling and control systems in the power industry;
  • distance learning based on modern information technologies;
  • mechanical testing and certification;
  • technologies of activation and modification of the Belgorod region montmorillonite clays and other.

Competitive products of Technopark

  • bar of submicrocrystalline non-alloyed titanium to produce implants for dentistry, orthopedics and traumatology;
  • nano-sized hydroxyapatite for dentistry and orthopedics;
  • termogenerator batteries;
  • algorithms and software, control panels, industrial programmable logic controllers;
  • mathematical and software processing of signal, audio and video information;
  • software support of distant and e-learning;
  • new drugs and types;
  • mineral feed additives for livestock and poultry farming, and others.

Information was given by Alexander V. Gorodov, on 09.03.2017

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