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Information and Exhibition Centre of the NRU "BelSU"

Address: 85 Pobedy St., building 15, room 5-1
Phone: +7 4722 301107
Director - Svetlana I. Shatokhina

Information and Exhibition Centre is a subdivision of the "High-Tech" Technopark (Technological Park) of the Belgorod State National Research University.

The main objectives of the Information and Exhibition Centre

  • To promote achievements of scientists of the NRU "BelSU" at the regional, interregional and international levels.
  • To promote advanced scientific research of the university scientists.
  • To enhance research and innovation activity of the NRU "BelSU", assisting in establishing, expanding and strengthening business relationships and exchanging the university scientists' experiences with Belgorod and inter-regional business community.
  • To support introducing and bringing innovative high-tech products that are based on the capacity of the university research units in priority areas to the domestic and foreign markets.

The main tasks of the Information and Exhibition Centre

  • To position the NRU "BelSU" as one of the largest educational institutions of Russia, the leading center of science and innovation in the Central Federal District.
  • To organize thematic exhibitions and fairs, representing the latest achievements of the university scientists and promising areas of scientific research, with a potential for innovation.
  • To organize and carry out presentations and round tables.
  • To assist developers in search for official customers.
  • To promote introducing innovations to production.

Functions of the Information and Exhibition Centre

The Information and Exhibition Centre in accordance with the tasks assigned to it may carry out any activities in cooperation with structural subdivisions of the Department of Science and Innovation of the NRU "BelSU" and other structural subdivisions of the university. The functions are the following:

  • to prepare and update the permanent exhibitions of the NRU "BelSU" on innovative subjects.
  • to organize exhibitions in order to promote innovative developments and the NRU "BelSU" projects to the domestic and foreign markets.
  • to organize informational and training activities on innovation matters together with domestic and foreign experts.
  • to organize presentations and round tables.
  • to organize and assist in conducting business meetings in order to promote innovative developments and projects to the real sector of the Belgorod region economy.
  • to prepare presentations of developments and projects for investors and potential partners.
  • to search for partners in the field of technology transfer; to monitor innovations of the NRU "BelSU" and other organizations on the territory of the Belgorod region and other regions of Russia.
  • to organize events to promote innovative developments and projects of students and young scientists of the NRU "BelSU" (exhibitions, round tables, strategic planning sessions, business sessions, and others.).
  • to organize accounting, storage, proper operation and usage of the exposure equipment and materials of the Information and Exhibition Centre.
  • to prepare reports about the event, including information on the organizers of the exhibition, the timing of its implementation, the number of the exhibits, the number of visitors, the results of the participation in the competitions held in the framework of exhibitions, publications in mass media.

Information was given by S.Shatokhina 09.03.2017

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