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Stary Oskol branch of Belgorod State National Research University

Address: 18, Solnechny microdistrict, Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, 309502, Russia
Phone: +7 4725 324912, 429403
Fax: +7 4725 324912
Director of Stary Oskol branch - Tamara P. Belikova
E-mail: Belikova@bsu.edu.ru


Deputy Director for educational-methodical work and informatization Irina I. Palasheva, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, e-mail: Palasheva@bsu.edu.ru, phone +7 4725 312020.

Acting Deputy Director for science and innovation development Tatna A. Syrovatskaya, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, e-mail: Sirovatskaja@bsu.edu.ru, phone +7 4725 329340.

Deputy Director for social and educational work Nadezhda V. Mitropolskaya, phone +7 4725 324912

Deputy Director for administrative work and security Raisa N. Gorodnichenko, e-mail: Gorodnichenko@bsu.edu.ru, phone +7 4725 329364.


Educational activities of the branch are performed by full-time and correspondence courses of study in two faculties - Pedagogical and Economics and Management Faculties and 5 departments.

  • Pedagogical Faculty
    Dean Marina Yu. Smelkovskaya, PhD in Philology.
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
    Dean Ekaterina A. Shamrina, PhD in History.

Graduating departments of the branch:

  • Department of Pedagogy and Physical Education
    Head of the department Olga A. Koznova, PhD in Philology
  • Department of Philology
    Head of the department Natalia G. Shubina, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor.
  • Department of Economics, Mathematics and Informatics
    Head of the department Nataliya O. Gordeeva, PhD in Physics and Mathematics
  • Department of Management
    Head of the Department Tatyana I. Shnurenko, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor.

Studies in Stary Oskol branch

The branch carries out educational activities in two educational training programs - bachelor degree course and specialists degree.

  • 01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics;
  • 21.03.02 Land Use Planning and Cadasters.
  • 38.03.01Economy (Profile Economy, Urban Economy, Finance and Credit, Accounting, Analysis and Audit);
  • 38.03.02 Management (Small Business Management);
  • 38.03.03 Personnel Management;
  • 38.03.04 State and Municipal Management;
  • 44.03.01 Pedagogical Education (Profile Primary Education, Preschool Education, Physical Education);
  • 44.03.05 Pedagogical Education (Profile Primary Education and Informatics, Russian Language and Literature, Foreign Language);

Since 2017 the branch has been realizing the programs of secondary and professional education based on the 9 and 11 forms of secondary school.

Students development of the equipment of research and educational laboratory of geodesy, cartography and photogrammetry

Science in the branch

The research work in the branch is implemented in close cooperation with both the science and innovations department of SRU "BelSU" and core university chairs. It is appropriate integrated in the university scientific activity.

Every year the scientists of the branch carry out more than 18 both economic and contract and initiative scientific works directed at the improvement of scientific and educational process quality in context of modern strategy in such 9 scientific directions as: 04 Sociology; 06 - Economy. Economic sciences; 14 - Public education. Pedagogics; 16 Linguistics; 20 - Computer science. The subject matter of the researches reflects department collectives scientific interests.

The branch faculty is involved in corpore in research and scientific and methodical activity. It allows the team to carry out monitoring indicators of the scientific activity.

Under the direction of the science department the research work is carried on the basis of some teaching and research branch laboratories:

  • Russian linguistics. PhD (in philology), professor Nataliya N. Semenenko.
  • Integrated control systems. PhD (in economics), associate professor Igor E. Rovenskih.
  • Economics and business. PhD (in economics), associate professor Alla A. Udovikova.
  • Geodesy, cartography and photogrammetry. PhD (in physics and mathematics), senior lecturer Nataliya O. Gordeeva.
  • Physiology. PhD (in biology), senior lecturer Sergey I. Golovko.
  • Psychology. PhD (in psychology), associate professor Nina V. Shitova.
  • Sociology and political science. PhD (in philology), associate professor Alexey N. Chumakov.

Students of the branch represent exhibits Touch a Science within the framework of the All-Russian Festival of Science

The development of applied research works potential in the branch is provided with interuniversity cooperation, participation in scientific conferences and forums, grant works and participation in scientists research projects in leading university. Post-graduate students and competitors carry on their dissertation researches as parts of collectives of the following scientific schools:

  • Information and communication technologies and computer models.
  • Cognitive and semiological lingvoculturology.
  • Professional and pedagogical culture.
  • Social and technological culture of modern society as XXI-st century phenomenon.
  • Theory and practice of modern society.

The results of researches are used for training courses preparation, in the course of manuals development according to bachelors training, publishing activity, development and registration of computer programs of the in FGUP scientific and technological centre "Informregister".

Special attention is paid to work with up-and-coming students. It allows future experts to realize their most courageous research ideas and projects within the framework of the target-oriented program "Up-and-coming students of SOB SRU "BelSU". Annual students science weeks, participation in scientific festivals, conferences, contests allow students associations to show their scientific achievements within the framework of more than 60 various scientific and educational events, 45 competitions of international and All-Russian levels and get well-deserved rewards. Ekaterina Chentsova is a graduate of 2016 and a chairman of a students scientific society got SRU "BelSU" medal The Worthy.

Information was given by Oleg Derusov 03.04.2019

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