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Medical College

Address: 26/45 st. Popova Belgorod 308000
Phone: +7 4722 353670
Director - Yevgeniy N. Krikun, doctor of medical sciences, professor
e-mail Krikun@bsu.edu.ru
phone +7 4722 245670

The contact information

Schedule of the work: daily from 9 a.m till 6 p.m., break from 1 till 2 p.m.
Days off: Saturday and Sunday

Deputy director of academic and educational work Svetlana V. Zhukova,
Honoured worker of the secondary professional education of the RF, e-mail Zhukova_S@bsu.edu.ru
phone +7 4722 245675

Deputy director of academic and practical work and of development of additional educational services Galina A. Degaltseva, e-mail Degaltseva@bsu.edu.ru
phone +7 4722 245674

The college departments

Department 1
the head of the department Irina N. Vinakova, Honoured worker of the secondary professional education of the RF, e-mail: vinakova_i@bsu.edu.ru, phone: +7 4722 245681

Department 2
the head of the department Svetlana A. Bukharina, e-mail: bukharina@bsu.edu.ru, phone: +7 4722 245682

Department 3
the head of the department Svetlana M. Velichkova, Philosophy Doctor in Philology, e-mail: velichkova@bsu.edu.ru, phone: +7 4722 245683

Department 4
the head of the department Maria V. Popovichenko, e-mail: popovichenko@bsu.edu.ru, phone: +7 4722 245684

The building of the College

Education Activity

Today, the Medical College Medical School NIU "BSU" is an innovative educational complex, the main components of which is personnel stuff who can realize main tasks of new educational standards.

We are proud of the veterans of the college A.M. Chuyko, V.V. Maltseva, V.D. Boldyrev, T.S. Nelen, A.N. Borovaya, A.S . Semernina, N.V. Biryukova, L.N. Belyaeva, I.N. Vinakova, N.B. Serikova, L.B. Goncharova, O. N. Zvereva.

The teachers and employees who have worked in this college more than 20 years

Over the years, the college was prepared more than 30,000 professionals who work in hospitals not only in our region but also in hospitals in other regions of Russia and abroad. The dean of faculty of general medicine and pediatrics Medical Institute NIU "BSU" M.D., professor N.I. Zhernakova, chief of vascular surgery of the Military Medical Academy, C.M. Kirov, Ph.D. K.V. Kitachev, head of the department of surgical diseases 1 faculty "General Medicine and Pediatrics case" Medical Institute NIU "BSU", PhD, Candidate of Medicine B.S. Kovalenko etc.

In our school is carried out following educational programs:

  • 31.02.01 Medical Science (qualification of medical attendant)
  • 31.02.02 Obstetrical Science (qualification of midwifery nurse)
  • 34.02.01 Nursery Science (qualification of nurse)
  • 31.02.05 Preventive Dentistry (qualification of dental hygienist)
  • 33.02.01 Pharmacy (qualification of pharmaceutist)
  • 31.02.03 Laboratory Diagnostics (qualification of medical laboratory technician)
  • 34.02.02 Medical Massage (qualification of massage nurse) for the education of disabled persons with limited eyesight.

In 2015, the Medical College of Medical Institute NIU "BSU" was accredited for all these specialties.

The college has enough modern educational-production base. Classrooms are united in disciplinary blocks "Human Anatomy", "Pharmacy", "Obstetrics and Gynecology", "Nursing", "Dentistry" and others. Classrooms are equipped with modern computers.

The training resuscitation room. The examination is carried out here

The system of teaching work was created in the Medical College of Medical Institute NIU "BSU", center of which is the methodical study. Experienced mentors are chairmen of cyclic methodical commissions. Most of them has great pedagogical experience.

Students work with the verticalizer at a seminar "Ergonomic aspects in activity of the nurse"

The college has a vigorous information and telecommunication infrastructure that guarantees our educational and commanding activity on the modern level. There is a television net made and developed in the college. The cable television of the college unites 11 TV points, the channel of the Medical College of the NRU BSU in YouTube is created. The issues of news programs are made with the help of our studio resources. These programs show the college life, conferences on methods, educational and non-educational activities, the teachers' and students' achievements in scientific, educational, research work and in sport competitions, congratulations with holidays and jubilees. The great opportunities of the TEM laboratory allow to make educational clips, films, video lectures practical video works, which make a good supplement to textbooks and are widely used in the educational work.

Science and Practice

The compulsory part of the graduates' professional growth is the educational scientific work to which a great attention is paid. The development of research skills, creative potentials and professional competences lies in the base of the students' research activity. The students represent the results of their work in a competition of research and creative works that is hold within the scientific session of the University as well as in different interregional scientific and practical conferences. Our students became the winners of international professional competitions.

In order to prepare competitive specialists, improving the quality and efficiency of educational process without risk to patients, a simulation class operates at the Medical College of MI NIU "BSU". It includes a large inventory of modern equipment from the phantom-simulators to high-tech robotic simulators patient feedback.

Students practice the primary cardiopneumatic resuscitation on the robot simulator

Students practice the capture of blood from a vein on the phantom

The student practices the intravenous injection on the phantom

The student practices the intramuscular injection on the phantom

At present the qualitative medical education is impossible without close cooperation of the educational institute with employers. That's why medical and teaching consultations, final conferences on the results of training practices with the invitation of health care representatives and vacancy fairs became traditional.

The international cooperation

Medical College cooperates with an average medical school in Zrenjanin, Serbia since 2011.

The first step in the future cooperation was made in December 2011, when the college was visited by the Deputy Director, Ms. Gorica Krstić (more).

April 20, 2012 at the Medical College NIU "BSU" the interregional scientific-practical conference with international participation "Vocational education today: the search for creativity, innovation." The delegation of the average medical school in Zrenjanin headed by director Radivoy Velisavlevich (more).

Academic Mobility

Within the international cooperation the students of the medical college of the NRU BSU with the college director V.V. Krivetsky visited Serbia in May 2013. They learned how the students and the colleagues studied (more) and lived (more) in Serbia.

Prospects Development

The Medical College of the Medical Institute of the NRU BSU continues to develop. Today our goals are:

  • improving of the material base of the College, perfecting of the methodological and information support of the educational process;
  • improving of the College management system for the full realization of the resource potential "education-practical health protection;
  • introduction of the advanced educational technologies, simulation technologies, anatomical classes of the polymer lamellate drugs, virtual phantom lines;
  • development of the integration between the Medical College, faculties of the Medical Institute of the NRU BSU , the specialized educational and medical institutions of the country and the region with the purpose of the joint using of the high-tech equipment and clinical sites;
  • improving of the scientific qualification of the teaching staff, coordination of the scientific studies with the scientific work of the other concerned organizations, educational and medical institutions;
  • establishment of a system for monitoring of the quality of students skills on the basis of the innovative test system;
  • modernization of computing, information and telecommunication systems, multimedia support, including teaching of partially sighted students;
  • ensuring of the process of the computerization of education, skills training of PC advanced user among the teaching staff, certification of teachers competence in the field of ICT;
  • rising of the living standards and welfare of the Colleges staff and the students;
  • realization of the educational activities aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles;
  • perfecting of the educational conditions for partially sighted students;
  • creating of optimal conditions for the formation of students' social, moral, spiritual and cultural values; their personal and creative potential;
  • realization of the students socially important initiatives and the students government system.


II Interdisciplinary Medical Forum "Actual issues of the health care improving and professional medical education" will take place at 15-16, 2017.

One of the significant events of the forum will be the breakout session, devoted to the 85th anniversary of the Medical College of the Institute of Medicine of the BelSU. The Actual issues of the organization and improvement of nursing activities, as well as the modern view of the training of mid-level professionals will be discussed at the session.

The forum will be attended by leading Russian specialists and recognized experts in those fields. After the event, the book of abstracts will be published.

Educational playground of the breakout session will be available at the hotel "Continental" (Belgorod, Nikolay Chumichev street, building 30).

Information was given by Elvira Oleinits 03.02.2017

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