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Historic Anthropology Scientific and Research Laboratory

Address: 14 Studencheskaya Street, Room 601, University Building 4, 308007 Belgorod, Russia
Phone: +7 4722 301850
Head of the Laboratory - Professor Andrey Golovnev,
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate of Russian Academy of Sciences

Main Focuses of the Laboratory

  • elaborating methods for applied historical, linguistic and cultural, and anthropological research on the territory of the Belgorod region and neighbouring regions,
  • conducting gender research,
  • studying texts regarded as representation of social practice, updating and improving methods of text analysis,
  • studying of ethnic and cultural features of the Central Black Earth Region with using the method of comparative analysis,
  • developing research in history of everyday life, historical consciousness, national identity of the inhabitants of the territories of region borders and studying how such specific features are reflected and fixed by the language.

The Laboratory conducts field studies, coordinates research within the framework of its scientific area and related sciences, organizes and hosts scientific conferences, workshops and seminars, forms temporary research teams for project activities with recruitment of external specialists.

The Laboratory currently conducts fundamental and applied research in the following:

  • The influence of landscape on the development of region’s historic development regarded as manifestation of one of scenarios of control over the area.
  • Byzantine tradition and its influence on the formation of Russian mind-set.
  • Anthropological measurements of Russian province everyday life in 19-20th century.

Scientific works of employees of the laboratory:

  • Golovnev, Andrei V. Anthropology of Movement. Ekaterinburg: UrO RAN, 2009. 497 p.
  • Golovnev, Andrei V. Phenomenon of Colonization. Ekaterinburg: UrO RAN, 2015. 592 p.
  • Nefdkin, Alexander K. Warfare of the Chukchi (mid-17th to Early 20th Century) / Translated by Richard L. Bland. Anchorage: US Department of Interior, National Park Service, Shared Beringian Heritage Program, [2016]. 303 p.

Information was given by Andrey Papkov on 01.03.2019

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