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Institute of Law

Address: 85 Pobeda Street , building 13, room 3-16
Phone: +7 4722 301226
Director Evgeny E. Tonkov ,
Dr. of Laws, professor
Institute of Law


Yulia Minakova has won two golden and two silver medals at the World Cup, which has taken place in the city Marina-di-Carrara (Italy)

The delegation of BelSU Institute of Law has visited the Belgrade University (Serbia)

Deputy director for scientific work and the international activity of BelSU Institute of Law  Alevtina Novikova and the manager of department of the constitutional and international law Marina Markhgeym have visited Russian-Armenian university (Yerevan, Armenia)

The Member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Representative of Belgorod city Council held a lecture for students of the Law Institute

Law students of Belgorod unite for observation of governor elections

Postgraduate of BelSU Institute of Law Administrative and International Law took part in international scientific and expert forum Primakov readings-2017

Opening of criminalistics museum became a gift for BelSU Instiute of Law Anniversary

Postgraduate of BelSU Institute of Law was awarded for the report at the XV International Blischenkov readings Congress

Student of BelSU Institute of Law Yulia Minakova won golden medal at European Karate Championship

Sergei Andreev spoke with students of BelSU Institute of Law about political, historical and cultural relationships of two countries  

Lawyer Rachel Wilson met students and teachers at BelSU

The team of BelSU Institute of Law became one of the best at the national stage of Philipp Jessup Contest

Postgraduate from BelSU Institute of Law will take an internship under the supervision by Dmitriy Dedov, the judge elected to represent Russian Federation

Research work of BelSU Institute of Law postgraduate won a prize of the National Contest in St. Petersburg

BelSU Institute of Law organized a round table conference Policultural education in Russia dedicated to International Students Day

Scientific projects of BelSU Institute of Law were highly estimated at the Russian national youth contest My law making initiative

BelSU delegation took part in Jubilee events, dedicated to 25th Anniversary of Bulgarian constitution and 25th Anniversary of Velikotyrnov University Law Department  

The student of BelSU Institute of Law Oleg Skopchenko became one of 10 winners of Sobchak Scholarship for law students

The professor of the Department of international law of Warmian-Masurian University in Olsztyn (Poland), the doctor of law Michal Pietkiewicz read a lecture in Law Institute.

13 students of  BelSU Institute of Law successfully completed their Semester-long study at Universitas Varmiensis-Masuriensis in Olsztyn (Poland)

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