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Rector's Office

85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia
Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education
Belgorod State University

Phone: +7 4722 301080

Oleg N. Polukhin Oleg N. Polukhin
Rector of University
E-mail:  Rector@bsu.edu.ru
fax:  +7 (4722) 30-12-13
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-12-11
Igor S. Konstantinov Igor S. Konstantinov
Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation
E-mail:  ViceRectorScience@bsu.edu.ru
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-10-23
Aleksandr V. Mamatov Aleksandr V. Mamatov
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
E-mail:  ViceRectorStudy@bsu.edu.ru
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-10-21
Vladimir A. Shapovalov Vladimir A. Shapovalov
Vice-Rector for Quality and Additional Education
E-mail:  ViceRectorZO@bsu.edu.ru
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-18-01
Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy Vladislav A. Kuchmistyy
Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
E-mail:  ViceRectorInter@bsu.edu.ru
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-14-00
Svetlana . Ostrikova Svetlana . Ostrikova
Vice-Rector for Cultural and Educational Affairs
E-mail:  ViceRectorSoc@bsu.edu.ru
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-10-43
Nikolai P. Golubotskyh Nikolai P. Golubotskyh
Vice-principal for integrated security
E-mail:  ViceRectorSecurity@bsu.edu.ru
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-12-43
Valentin V. Zatenatskiy Valentin V. Zatenatskiy
Vice-Rector for Construction and Economic Work
E-mail:  ViceRectorAHR@bsu.edu.ru
phone:  +7 (4722) 30-10-29

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