01.03.2017  Soil development on basic and ultrabasic rocks in cold environments of Russia traced by mineralogical composition and pore space characteristics
Recent soils from basic (amphibolite and meta-gabbro amphibolite) and ultrabasic (serpentinous dunite) rocks formed in cold and humid climates of Northern Eurasia (Russia) were studied to detail the characterization of soils and rocks with special attention to the interdependence of porosity system and rock mineralogy. The study plots were located in taiga and tundra zones of East Fennoscandia and the Polar UralMountains
01.03.2017  Conceptual metaphor in George Orwell`s political dystopia "Animal Farm"
The aim of the work was to confirm the hypothesis that the work represents a conceptual metaphorical model "Totalitarian state is Animal Farm" in both structural and meaningful ways. In modern cognitive linguistics, metaphor is regarded as one of the basic mechanisms of cognitive knowledge, structuring and explanation of the world
01.03.2017  Hypocrisy as a form of social behaviour represented by idioms in the English language
The article deals with English idioms covering the semantic area of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is seen as a specific form of social behavior and communication. Idioms are examined as a linguistic representation of hypocrisy as well as an effective means of creating pragmatic impact and thus revealing the social attitude of English native speakers to hypocrisy as a form of behaviour. The research is carried out within the boundary of cognitive-pragmatic approach. The authors apply contextual analysis in order to define the key factors affecting social attitude to hypocrisy in various communicative situations
01.03.2017  Innovation as a factor of regional economic growth: evidence from Russia
The paper analyses the concentrations of knowledge as agglomerations of expenditure on Research and Development, and on science and technology; empirically evaluates the impact of innovation factors on the economic growth in the regions and proposes a strategy to improve the efficiency of the regional innovation system
01.03.2017  Aggregate ranking of the world's leading universities
The paper presents a methodology for calculating the aggregate global university ranking (Aggregated Global University Ranking, or AGUR), which consists of an automated presentation of the comparable lists of names for different universities from particular global university rankings and a simple procedure of aggregating particular global university rankings
01.03.2017  Correlation analysis between journal metrics and subscription price for selected journals
The given article gives an account on the correlation analysis between the journal metrics (SNIP, SJR, IF) and the subscription price for two groups of journals (114 Economics journals and 150 Mathematics and Computer Science journals) which were presented on Elsevier website in October 2016
01.03.2017  Cross correlation analysis between SNIP, SJR and if for selected journals
The cross correlation analysis was presented in the given article and linear regression equations between various types of journal metrics (SNIP, SJR, IF) were obtained for economics and mathematics and computer science journals
01.03.2017  Language as a state of ethno-cultural consciousness
The article deals with the problem of verbalization of culturally marked products of verbal thinking: ethno-cultural consciousness as a system of extralinguistic categories (cognitive ones, such as prototypes, patterns, images and domains; and non-cognitive ones, such as feelings, emotions, will etc.). Particular attention is given to those elements of culture (values, estimates and semantic interpretation), which have acquired the status of ethno-cultural stereotype
01.03.2017  Is sustainable development of scientific systems possible in the neo-liberal agenda?
This paper discusses the evolution of large scientific systems in general and the system of formal scientific communications in particular in the context of their gradual transition to private hands. This in turn results in increased 'phony' research fronts, fueled by the interests of big business, pools of inaccessible hi-impact Anglo-American journals whose authors cite each other (author's citation cartels), and non-transparent global university rankings, which can be manipulated
01.03.2017  The veto system of the DarkSide-50 experiment
Nuclear recoil events produced by neutron scatters form one of the most important classes of background in WIMP direct detection experiments, as they may produce nuclear recoils that look exactly like WIMP interactions. In DarkSide-50, we both actively suppress and measure the rate of neutron-induced background events using our neutron veto, composed of a boron-loaded liquid scintillator detector within a water Cherenkov detector
01.03.2017  Results from the first use of low radioactivity argon in a dark matter search
Liquid argon is a bright scintillator with potent particle identification properties, making it an attractive target for direct-detection dark matter searches. The DarkSide-50 dark matter search here reports the first WIMP search results obtained using a target of low-radioactivity argon
12.07.2016  The DarkSide project
DarkSide is a graded experimental project based on radiopure argon, and is now, and will be, used in direct dark matter searches. The present DarkSide-50 detector, operating at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, is a dual-phase, 50 kg, liquid argon time-projection-chamber surrounded by an active liquid scintillator veto. It is designed to be background free in 3 years of operation. DS-50 performances, when filled with atmospheric argon, are reported
12.07.2016  The DarkSide awakens
The DarkSide program at LNGS aims to perform background-free WIMP searches using two phase liquid argon time projection chambers, with the ultimate goal of covering all parameters down to the socalled neutrino floor. One of the distinct features of the program is the use of underground argon with has a reduced content of the radioactive 39Ar compared to atmospheric argon. The DarkSide Collaboration is currently operating the DarkSide-50 experiment, the first such WIMP detector using underground argon





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