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Students internship in Germany

The Masters Degree Student from BelSU Dmitriy Popov got a scientific and research internship at Bremen University as part of Bremen IDEA program  

Under the guidance of Jacob Fruchtmann Dmitriy studied methodological materials for writing and defending of scientific works in “Integrated European Research” and “Politology” specialties at University of Bremen.

Dmitriy also worked with bibliographic managers and professional organizers of scientific work, Citavi in particular. This program allows to structure the studied literature, make links automatically, do time planning etc.

“Professor Fruchtmann supports the new technologies in education”, – said Dmitriy.

Technical novelties are used actively at Bremen University. The most part of lectures comes with media resources.

Dmitriy studied programs and services such as: Gesis (a service for fundamental research in social studies), Integrum (electronic archive of the most reliable sources about Russia); MAXQDA (program for high-quality data, text and content analysis). He also studied works of German scientists in economy and sociology.

“The very important moment of my internship was an experience exchange in secondary search of various methods using in analysis of statistical and sociological information”, – he said.

Dmitriy has an opinion that students of BelSU should take part in “BremenIDEA” scholarship program and other academic mobility programs. Students shouldn’t fear language barriers and other difficulties because an internship is an excellent opportunity to get new knowledge and meet new friends.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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