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A part of the Dark Side project

The scientists from BelSU International Radiophysics Laboratory took part in international dark matter research project

This time the research team under the guidance of Aleksandr Kubankin, Doctor of Mathematis,was performed at Gran-Sasso underground laboratory, one of the four laboratories of National Institute for Nuclear Physics (Italy). For three weeks they took part in experiments together with colleagues from Princeton University (USA), University of Los-Angeles (USA), Houston University (USA), Kurchatov Institute of St. Petersburg University of Nuclear Physics etc.

One of the conditions for working on the supermodern Dark Side detector is the high technical and scientifical level of scientists and training at Gran-Sasso laboratory. The scientists from BelSU underwent all trainings and worked in the shifts for control of dark matter detectors systems.

Now, the Dark Side project begins a new stage of development for becoming the biggest dark matter detector Dark Side-20k.

One of the meetings concerning the development perspectives of Dark Side project would occur in Milan from 25th to 29th of January. The scientists of BelSU would represent their university there.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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