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Studying in Netherlands

The student of BelSU Institute of Management Kseniya Davydova has finished her education under the exchange education program in University of Applied Sciences of Hanze (Netherlands)

Since her freshmen year Kseniya has eagerly participated in charity and volunteering events for children and elderly people. She is also active in project management and presented her social project The active school for children with disabilities at the BelSU Youth Project Management School Pegas-2015

In Netherlands Kseniya worked at marketing project, studying the sales market of Dutch company FEBO.

Ive decided to continue my project activities at home.in Belgorod. I think that dreams can come true through the projects, she said.

At her leisure time Ksenia travelled and played sports.

During several years BelSU Institute of Management Organizational Management Subdepartment cooperates with Hanze University of Applied Science. The best students have an opportunity to get a semester education in its Marketing and Management School.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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