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Training of psychotherapists and clinical psychologists in France

Students and teachers of Pedagogical Institute Psychology Department met clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst Prof. Fabien Asiany from France    

Fabien Asiany is a graduate from Sorbonne, doctor of sciences, the specialist with many years experience of psychotherapeutic work and excellent Russian speaker.

During the meeting she told students about psychotherapists and clinical psychologists training system of France. She laid emphasize on necessary combination of fundamental education and professional internship of young psychologists. Students and teachers also spoke about training system of qualified specialists in Russian universities.

Prof. Asiany brought examples from her psychotherapeutic practice and showed video about general psychotherapeutic practice in France.

The topics, presented on the meeting, caused great impact and kindled an interest of the audience. The perspectives of further cooperation were also discussed at the meeting.

 Y. Kovtun, General and Clinical Psychology Subdepartment


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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