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BelSU make its contribution to the development of pharmaceutical cluster

BelSU Engineering Centre has developed a methodology of valproic acids synthesis for PIK FARMA company group

The methodology was developed considering customer's requirements, including freedom of high temperature use, expensive catalysts and reagents, explosive reagents.

The next stage of the project is introduction of the method to the experimental-industrial site of the customer. We plan the development and optimization of industrial technology of valproic acids synthesis. The pharmaceutical substance would be introduced at PIK PHARMAs new industrial site, organized according to international GMP standards, said the head of Engoneering Center Elena Sidorenko.

PIK PHARMA is an important strategic and general partner of BelSU. Starting from September, school students would study organic synthesis, technology of drugs, standardization of industry, pharmacology, pharmacy basics, analytical chemistry etc. The realization of cooperative working programs would allow to train pharmaceutical staff since school.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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