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More high school graduates applied to BelSU this year

More than 6000 graduates applied to BelSU, which is 9% more than last year

The application rules are annually set by the Ministry of Science and Education of Rusian Federation, said an executive secretary of BelSU Enrollment Committee Aleksandr Galtsev. They added a new eligible category of applicants combat veterans. They can study for free, among other 2 218 eligible students.

He also said that during the last five years medical specialties are very popular: general medicine, odontology, pediatrics. The university is interested in high-quality education. The competition is more than 25 students for one position. Law, Economy and Pedagogy are also highly demanded about school graduates. Enrollment committee process more than 600-650 applications a day.

The office of BelSU Enrollment Comittiee is situated in Belgorod at Studencheskaya Street. The last day to enroll is 26th of July.

 Maria Agafonova, Alina Belenko

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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