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Religion and Modernity

VI International scientific conference "Sociology of religion in late modern society" dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Belgorod State University began its work at BelSU

The range of issues discussed at the conference addressed the problem of religion in modern society. Participants in the forum were talking about religion and education. According to BelSU professor Sergei Lebedev, this issue is relevant not only in Russia but also worldwide. The question here is how to teach religious knowledge in secondary schools. Expert attention was also paid to the question of the relationship between religions, spiritual and ethno-religious problems.

The rector of Belgorod State University, Professor Oleg Polukhin opened the plenary session of the conference and pointed out that from the very beginning of the conference was a representative forum, which was attended by well-known Russian and foreign scientists.

"Today we can talk about the conference as a formed authoritative platform of regular scientific, expert discussion of a wide range of topical issues of interaction between society and religion, - said Oleg Nikolaevich. - We meet in the jubilee year for our university. BelSU celebrates 140 years. And we try to meet that date worthy, with new research, discoveries, ideas, projects, developments, new contacts and fruitful cooperation in science and education. "

The conference was attended by researchers from different generations and scientific schools, representatives of the Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan and Sevastopol, Krasnoyarsk and Saratov Makhachkala and Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Kudymkar, Vladimir and Perm. The forum brought together the permanent participants from Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Slovakia, colleagues from Armenia and Belarus.

Head of the Belgrade Institute of Social Sciences Mirko Blagojevic (Serbia) in his opening speech emphasized the value of cooperation with BelSU and presented a report on the revitalization of traditional religion and religious culture.

The sociologist, philosopher, editor in chief of the journal "Sociological Review" Alexander Filippov told about covenant problem in the political theology of Thomas Hobbes in connection with the problem of the social contract.

Experts discussed the problems of spiritual unity of traditional faiths and many others. At the end of the plenary meeting of senior researcher Saint Tikhon's Humanitarian University Vasily Pisarevsky presented research book "The arrival of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia and abroad", prepared by a team of scientists led by Professor Saint Tikhon Humanitarian University Igor Ryazantsev.

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