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The scientists from BelSU join the dark matter search project

The laboratory of BelSU conducts the experiments with neutrons under the supervision of the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Aleksandr Kubankin

The scientists of BelSU develop the neutron generator project. It is one of the stages of dark matter research.

Nobody knows what the dark matter is. There is our galaxy, there is baryonic matter we are made of. If you look at the diagram, youll see that this matter is only 6% of all. 26% is the dark matter, the rest is dark energy. This is what our galaxy consists of, said the senior scientist of the laboratory Ivan Nikulin.

Russia has a unique role in this project. Only there ultraradiational titanium is produced for research.
Pure neutron generators are also used for the research and one of such generators will be created in Belgorod. The research tea, includes scientists from MSU, BelSU, Russian University of Chemistry and Technology etc.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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