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BelSU takes part in creation of Regional Competence Center

The meeting was attended by CEO of Foundation for helping small scientific and technical enterprises Prof. Ivan Bortnik, Doctor of Techical Sciences

The head of the meeting was Deputiy Governor of Belgorod Region Stanislav Aleynik.

Competence Center is the special structure for control over the most important informational systems, business processes, gathering relevant knowledge and ways of its most effective application.

It is important for the agricultural complex of the region to have such competence center for agricultural droids and introduction of the other innovative digital and engineering technologies that could be supported by the Foundation.

The Principal of BelSU Prof. Oleg Polukhin told the audience that the university has the vbest practices in this sphere and other branches of science. In particular he told about products ready for mass production and university laboratories which can be already called competence centers. Today the university has the 17th place in national research rating. The university increases the number of masters and postgraduates and has 15 dissertation boards.

To 2020 every fourth student should be postgraduate or master, and the number of dissertation boards should be increased to 20. With our scientific foundation we are interested in commercialization of our projects and ready to cooperate in creation of regional business enterprises and create our own, he said.

In the end of February the Foundation will choose projects to support.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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