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The first graduation of BelSU-Sergie Pontoise Program

Bachelor graduates of BelSU Institute of Economy can study in France due to Double Diploma program for Masters

International Business double diploma program for Masters (in English) was developed by BelSU and Dergie Pontoise. It exists since 2014 and includes studying of Econometrics at Sergie Pontoise during the first and the second semesters and Economy at BelSU during the third and the fourth semesters.

The first students of International Business cooperational programs were graduated at Institute of Economy in February of 2017. One of the new Masters Natalia Kolesnikova told that education process at Sergie Pontoise was built at the balance of theory and practice: theoretical knowledge is ensured by practical cases and examples.

Director of BelSU Institute of Economy Marina Vladyka told that the work in this sphere woulf be enhanced because education of BelSU Institute of Economy is very popular at Russian nad international labor market.

We encourage every graduated bachelor of the university regardless the specialty to enroll at our double diploma program and open new perspectives and possibilities for themselves, she said.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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