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Dialogue of cultures: German history in German

Meeting with the guest from German Dagmar Nabert took place at BelSU Institute of Cross-Cultural Communications and International Relations  

The meeting was organized by Second Foreign Language Subdepartment. The head of at BelSU Institute of Cross-Cultural Communications and International Relations, Doctor of Philology Olga Prokhorova, the head of Second Foreign Language Subdepartment, Candidate of Philology, associated professor Natalia Sheifel, teachers and students of the Institute, etc.

This year Dagmar Nabert has given for students a lecture about life and reformatory activity of Martin Luther. This year the subject of has been chosen because of 500th Anniversary of Reformation. This date is very important for world history, because five centuries ago Martin Luther has laid the foundation for division in Christianity, which has forever changed not only Germany, but also the whole world.

After 56 years of separation, Dagmar Nabert has found her Russian birth mother Claudia Bulavina in Belgorod. Claudia has been sent for work to fascist Germany, and in the 1943rd year she gave birth to the daughter Alla. When the girl was 9 months old, her mother has got ill, and they have lost each other. The girl was saved by the German family, and was named Dagmar. For more than 50 years Dagmar looked for her mother. German journalists and the International Red Cross helped family reunion. But a lot of work came upon the translator, as mother and the daughter couldn't speak one language. Within 16 years, the associate professor of the Second Foreign Language Subdepartment Tatyana Belousova helped madam Dagmar to speak with her Russian family.

- This dramatic history has again shown that, how important it is to know foreign languages . I am very glad that this case has helped me to meet this surprising person and her family. For years of our communication we became true friends, - she said.

This year Dagmar Nabert has visited Belgorod for 16 time. This year she has arrived to Belgorod with her grandson Patrick. Guests from Germany expressed their gratitude to the Institute and Second Foreign Language Subdepartment for the warm welcome.

 Tatiana Kulikova


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